Monday, November 24, 2008

Landon's 2!

We had a big day yesterday. It was Landon's birthday party (he turned 2 Friday), and then we got to see one of my best friends - Dana - and her cute kids. It was the first time I've got to see Madelyn, who's four months old. Here is a cute little family picture: Dana, Jada, and Madelyn.
Madelyn was such a cutie. She has the same red hair as her big sister and is so smiley and happy. I'm glad they stopped by before they went back to Kalispell.
Dad - the weirdo - was using one of Landon's new presents as a big helmet. He was saying, "Erica, I am your father". This was from Aunt Kelsie and the boys had a good time with it later than night.
This is Landon and his Momma opening the present from Kyle, Carter, and I. I thought that card was really cute. He got spoiled - like you should on your 2nd birthday!
Carter and Connor had to get right in there and see every present. Carter thought this train from Grandma and Grandpa was a wonderful toy!
Landon thought his cake was the best part of the day. He absolutely loved the Spongebob and Patrick plastic toys that were on top of it. He played with them all night long.
Landon was very good about opening his presents. He got a little bored, but he did look at everything. He's checking out his new flash light and cell phone here.
Connor makes me laugh. One time he walked over to the table and said, "Grandma, I need two dollars". He also kept telling us he was five. I can't remember what he was doing in this picture!
Jordan brought her friend Chelbie to the party. She's a nice girl. They were both very good helpers with the four crazy boys running around.
Abbey brought her friend Alexis. They also were very good to have around. Erica and I actually got to just sit, eat, and visit for awhile. It was lovely!
Austin had a really good time playing Skee Ball. This is kind of an action photo because he was too busy to stop and smile. All the boys were very good though.
Carter got a nice kiss from his Daddy. He did not want to leave the playroom to go eat cake.
Landon doesn't like when you actually turn the rides on, he'd rather just sit on them and pretend. He was quite funny on this crocodile. He made some chomping sounds at me!
Here's my crazy little pizza face running around. I don't think he sat still for more than a minute. At least he took a piece of pizza on the run with him.
Landon really loves his Poppa. He gave him a little hug for no reason at all.
I watched Lando on Saturday while Erica was at work. He was very goofy in the morning before Kyle and Carter got there. He tried on about four different hats for me.
Erica made some cupcakes on Thursday night for Landon to take to daycare on Friday. Carter and Landon ate the extras!
Landon was singing "Happy Birthday" to himself here. He's kind of dancing back and forth.
This is a funny picture! Not much else to say here.
Carter tried his best to get every crumb and sprinkle off the table.
We went to McDonalds Thursday night since it was just Erica, me, and the boys. Luckily Jordan and Terri decided to join us. Jordan goes through all the play stuff with them. She's a lifesaver. This is not the best picture, but Landon's big old smile is so cute.
Carter still won't go through the tunnels, but he likes to climb the stairs and jump. I love his shirt here too - I saw it at Kmart and thought it was cute. It's got a Mommy, Daddy, and dog down at the bottom of it.
I can't look at this picture without laughing. Landon really enjoyed the brownie mix the other night. I can just hear him saying "Cheese" when I see it.
Carter and Laney were having a good time playing together last week. I like how they are both sitting on Grandpa. Carter loves to throw stuff for Laney - he just has trouble getting it back from her!
Just one more beautiful grin from Landon. He is so silly. I can't believe he's two years old!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pretty Mundane

It was kind of a slow week in good old Butte. We did go meet Grandma and Grandpa Barsness in Helena on Saturday, but I couldn't find my camera (which was too bad because Carter was quite charming at dinner). Luckily, my Dad found it under a couch cushion on Sunday.

This is just Carter being silly in his pajamas. He was dumping out the bucket of horses and farm animals so he could wear it on his head.
After their bath on Sunday night, the boys had a delightful time eating sherbert together. They both call it "Ice".

On Thursday night when I was in Billings, Landon had quite the sad night. He pinched his finger in a door, and it bled and bled. He was fine after it was washed - until the dreaded BandAid went on. Kyle said Landon thought this BandAid was the worst thing ever.
This is a very sad little Landon face. Apparently the BandAid was not even allowed to touch any of his other fingers. Poor guy. He needed lots of hugs from his Mom.
Laney really likes the boys' pajamas. When we get them out, she always goes and lays on them. They are very nice and soft. She's a silly little dog...Carter really loves her.
I'm so happy. Carter finally likes the bath again! The last two have been quite entertaining. They splash, dump water on eachother, and pretty much just have a good time. I love Lando's hair in this picture.
Sometimes they like to yell as loud as possible for no reason at all. They used to do this to try and scare Grandpa - now they do it just for fun. It's really a gorgeous sound. I'll try and get a video!
I'm just glad he likes the bath again. He used to run away when Landon asked him "Bath? Carter?".
Landon really wanted me to take a picture of him the other day, so I did of course. He's saying a really big "Cheese"!
This picture kills me. Landon was jumping all over Jordan. Then he realized that Abb and Jord were both laying the same way, so he thought he would too. Oh, and he had no pants on!
This is really not the best picture of Carter, but it was quite amusing. He ate three bowls of clam chowder that night. He apparently enjoys Grandpa's cooking!
He kept giving me big huge kisses the other night. He would lean back and open his mouth really wide (obviously) and slobber all over my cheeks. It was lovely.
This might be my favorite picture of the week. It was quite funny to hear them reading their books out loud to themselves. One of those rare sitting still moments!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few more

Erica took some pictures from my camera, so I took some from her's. They were too good to pass up. Anyway, I don't normally like pictures of my backside, but this is cute. Lando just came and held my hand so we could walk to the otherside of the playground. He's my little pal. He's started calling me "Mia" lately instead of "Bapoo".
Erica got this very cute one of Carter going down his favorite tunnel slide. I love the way his smile is now. His front teeth kill me.
Jordan is such a patient babysitter. This is a very cute picture. I love how Landon's eyes are closed.
Sometimes they are so nice to eachother. Isn't this a cute little hug?
Nobody really knows what little crazy man was doing here. He might have been throwing a ball to Jordan. I love those pajamas though.
Whatever book one is reading, the other one has to come sit down. We were reading about the monkeys jumping on the bed. That's a good one. Laney looks depressed in the background. I think this was after her bath. The boys thought that Laney taking a bath in their bathtub was really cool.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun times

This might be my favorite picture of the week, and it was the last one taken! There is just something so funny about a cop enjoying a donut! Just the fact that Kyle let me take it is amazing.
I cannot explain how much my little man loves spaghetti o's. He ate two bowls of them last night. He also opens his mouth Really Wide so that he doesn't miss a single one. His shirt from Grandma says Big Guy down the sleeve - I guess he's trying to be one!
The boys had a most fantastic Sunday. The went to the park earlier, and then went to McDonald's for the first time. Thank God Jordan was there, because she was a huge help. Here they are jumping together.
Carter did not want to climb up in the tunnel, which is very unusual for him. However, Landon and Jordan had a great time. This picture is funny because I can tell Landon is saying "Cheese".
Here they are going down the slide together. Landon's face is so cute! All in all it was a very nice little trip.
We made them eat first. They were pretty good about it. Carter was not a big fan of the chicken nuggets, but he managed to eat half of my cheeseburger and lots of fries!
This is from our trip to Emerson before McDonalds. They absolutely love going there. There is a lot of stuff to play with. This is not the best photo of Landon, but Jordan in the background is kind of funny!
Carter and Landon both really enjoy being spun around and around now. It's so funny because they are so dizzy, and they just look at you and say "Again".
Just another driving picture. I love the way he looks in his hat - I'm so glad he likes to wear it now.
I was gone on Saturday for volleyball, but Terri and Erica told me he ate like a little piggy. I'm not sure what exactly was going on here, but it's a cute (and messy) face!
This is Jordan in her birthday present from Kelsie and Terri. We just wanted you guys to know she likes it and it fits!
This is a very cute smile from the Landoman. However, I like his hair the best. He had food in it (yogurt or popsicle - I can't remember), and then when he wore his hat - it made this cool wave.
I love this picture of Carter. It's just such a big happy smile. They just can't stand not being able to help with the dishes. If we block them out of the kitchen, it's very sad. I like that you can see a wad of bubbles on the back of Landon's head.
Here's more helpfulness from my guy. He must have wanted Grandma to go somewhere with him because he wanted her to put her shoes on! He works so hard.
I might have a couple more later. I know Erica had some cute ones on her camera that I might have to steal. We'll see!