Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wedding time in Sunburst

The night before Lando was heading back to North Dakota we decided to go see AntMan at the drive in. It was awesome!
Teague slept through all but the end secret scene, which he loved. He's so weird! Carter thought it was the best show ever! AntMan was always his favorite superhero, and how can you go wrong with Paul Rudd?
Bye Landon! These guys miss him already. Luckily we will see them in September when they come in for a wedding.
Carter went with Grandma and Papa to bring Landon back. I took these two swimming for some entertainment. They had a blast.
Mmm...mint oreo ice cream in the sunshine!
We headed up to Sunburst last Monday. This was the view heading to the farm. It was a beautiful night!
Teague wears his sunglasses at night - he's super cool.
Dick and Diana bought this awesome pool for the kids to play in while we were there. It held a ton of water.
Synchronized jumping! That apple tree behind them was amazing. I have never seen one so full!
This sprinkler provided some good fun too!
As you can see, the travelling did catch up with Teague. That is one tired kid right there.
We enjoyed a lovely night at Nate and Alex's house making S'mores. They were delicious.
The firepit was Phil and Mary Jo's but they were keeping it out of the way for the wedding. The blue crystals were really cool in it.
Ave does a slow and steady roasting, like Callie. Carter lights his marshmellows on fire, blows them out, and eats them!
Teague is just happy to eat chocolate!
Probably their favorite part of any trip to the farm is driving the Ranger. Don't they look happy?
Teague drove with his buddy Callie and I. We had a good time!
Bonnie was very happy to see the kids, and they were happy to see her too. She was moving around pretty great in her motorized wheelchair.
They love Callie, can you tell?
The playground in Sunburst is always fun. We went there 3 times I think. Ave is quite the climber!
Carter of course loved the blue digger.
Teague enjoyed some time on the tire swing.
Synchronized swinging.
At the rehearsal dinner, Teague found a friendly ladybug. The wedding decorations looked so pretty. The tents, tables, chairs, etc...everything was so nice.
Callie was the maid of honor. She did a good job controlling the ring bearers. Teague and Kade were pretty professional though!
Mary Jo's gazebo looked gorgeous!
They tried it again with their signs. They looked so cute.
Avery and Kaden enjoyed Mary Jo's desserts and eachother's company. The get along so so well!
5 of the Barsness cousins - Breanne had gone for a walk. My kids loved hanging out with Kaden and Colt though.
The almost married couple hanging out with the ring bearers. We were happy to be a part of their big day. Nate and Alex are great people and great together.
Kevin made the 15 hour trek from Eugene to Sunburst. We always like getting to see him. He's a funny Uncle! I got a rare picture of the Barsness brothers: Kyle, Chris, and Kevin with Colty and Carter jumping in.
Wedding day! These two looked super spiffy!
I love their cheesy grins.
Teague really liked his suspenders and bow tie. He knew he looked good! We have to thank Nate and Alex too. They bought everything but the bow tie, so he can wear this again.
Time for some pictures with Alex. She looked gorgeous!
They all looked so good. I love Ave's long dress and Carter's shorts and shoes.
Ave took a little nap on her Dad while we waited for the ceremony to start.
Carter and Colt had a good time visiting.
Carter was so nice to Teague when he saw him. I believe he said, "Bro, you look great!" He's a super good brother.
Time to take our seats in the sun. These two held our places with Uncle Kevin.
Last minute snap with Callie. She looked lovely, and we had lots of fun together! I have to thank my sister Kelsie for letting me borrow her dress and shoes. It saved me from finding one and it was super comfortable!
Heading down the aisle
Callie only had to tell them to be still a couple times! They really were pretty good.
I love this picture!
Kade noticed us and gave us a thumbs up! He is such a funny kid. I absolutely love his voice.
Secret time apparently!
The wedding was perfect.
Afterwards we got a few more pictures. The ringbearers with their Great Grandma Bonnie - so cute!
All the Barsness Great-grandkids with Bonnie
Bonnie with her grandkids. This is a great picture!
A rare family picture!
My girl looked so cute in her long dress.
We took a quick selfie even though I hate them.
The first dance
Nate and Mary Jo. Mary Jo looked beautiful in her sparkly dress.
Time for dancing. As soon as the music started the kids were on the dance floor.
They had so much fun!
Carterman in getting some air right here!
Teague doing the crab! He was hilarious. He was pulling people out of their seats to dance with him.
Another dancing picture.
The next day was pretty relaxing. All the kids were checking out some cool 3D animal books that Grandma Diana had for them.
Time to doggy pile on Daddy. We had so much fun in our week in Sunburst. Thank you to Dick, Diana, Phil, Mary Jo, and Bonnie for spoiling us as usual. We had tons of good company, good food, and good laughs! It was great to see everyone and have a blast at a fun wedding.
We made it back on time to have some Birthday pie with my Dad and brother. It was my Dad's actual birthday, and Kyle's was 10 days earlier. Dad always has such a lovely smile. Today was not as fun - funeral in the morning and then dentist appointments. Luckily those went well. Thanks again everybody!