Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A couple before Christmas!

We had the daycare Christmas party last Thursday. My kids were both excited to see Santa. Ave kept cutting in line, yelling "It's Santa!". Of course when we were up there she got shy. She didn't cry or anything, she just wanted to sit on me and stare at him!
Carterman wasn't shy at all. He told Santa how he really wants Stinky the Garbage Truck!
Santa gave them some little presents to tide them over until Christmas. Carter got a cool Hot Wheels car, and Ave got a purple My Little Pony. Good stuff! It was a fun party!
On Saturday we ventured over to Bozeman for Luke's birthday party. He was super cute and loved all his presents (especially the firetruck from Grandma Diane and Grandpa Art). It's hard to believe he's 2 already!
Carter, Landon, and Ave thoroughly enjoyed the playroom at Kathi's house (and the cake of course!). Josh/Optimus Prime has a lot of fun stuff. It was a good time had by all!
We stopped at Old Chicago and Target before we left town. Avery was reading "But No Elephants" to her Daddy. They were laughing and laughing together!
They were being buddies in their Christmas jammies the other night. He was giving her a love for sharing her necklaces with him. The Blue necklace (his favorite color) was some kind of crystal that GI Joe had to find. He has the best imagination...too bad he looks kind of out of it!
Now it's Avery's turn to look kind of nuts!
We had a pasty making day on Sunday. When we were done, Ave got to make a giant mess. She looks pretty pleased with herself!
She likes to watch this video online of Landon running through mud puddles when he was younger. I told Erica, this is Ave's mud puddle! How often do you get to just be messy?
There's a happy pasty-eating face! You can't really tell, but he has lots of ketchup on him. He ate pastys for three days straight! He likes them with a little salt and some ketchup. My poor boy got kind of left out on the blog this week. Sorry Carterman!
Avery has been super lovey to Laney lately. All of sudden she realized that her dog loves her! She always says to her, "Hi Pup!".
Last but not least, one of the silliest faces you'll ever see! She's a happy, goofy baby! Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

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