Monday, December 5, 2011

Double post - Thanksgiving and December already!

Here we go, the big double post. This was Thanksgiving day in Sunburst. It was so nice that we decided to walk the dogs and kids down to the playground in the morning. I've always been a fan of the pajamas and boots look!
Teagie had a fabulous time swinging, especially when Avery was pushing him. He thought that was quite funny!
There's my happy little girl. She loves to swing on the big girl swings. She likes it even more than Carter!
Teague really enjoyed his Thanksgiving dinner. He had some mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, sea foam salad, and a little bit of turkey. He did great! I love his bib from Grandma Patsy true it is!
Kaden is such a cutie. He followed Laney around everywhere that night.
Ha Ha! This picture of the Barsness grandchildren was not going to happen. Teague did not want to stay still (as you can see), and Ave refused to smile. Just flat out refused. Everyone else looks good though!
Later on they made a nice fort...looks pretty comfy!
Grandma Diana had these really cool castle building blocks. The kids (and Kyle of course) built some really cool stuff. They gave Teague a couple to bang together, and he was happy too!
Later on they made some delicious sour cream cookies with Grandma. Avery liked the trees and Santas.
Here they are getting the sprinkles ready. They both have kind of goofy faces here! Notice who has the blue sprinkles!
Carter was all about the blue frosted stars. He loved them and ate all of them!
On Saturday we spent the day at the farm. It was lovely as always, and Grandma Bonnie had delicious food for us. Carter and Colten had Mary Jo looking up all kinds of dinosaurs on the computer!
This picture is so cute! Teague in Phil's hat...makes me smile.
Boo Bear is the best sister a Teagle Beagle could ask for. Look at those loves and that silly face!
And finally tractor time. This of course was all Carter could talk about from the moment we got there. Thanks Nate!
We had a wonderful time. Thanks everyone! This was when we left the farm. All three of them were asleep in about 30 seconds!
Here's some from this week. Poppa made delicious turkey soup. All the kids enjoyed it, but Teague most of all. He loves sitting at the table with everyone!
 Guess what day it was at daycare...yellow day! Ave was thrilled everyone was in her favorite color. She wore her yellow shirt earlier that week so Carter let her borrow one of his Transformers shirts. She looked great!
 We got to go meet Liam. He is my cousin Jamie's little boy, and they just moved back to Butte. He was very sweet and so cute. I love his hair!
 We did our best to get a picture of all the kids together at Nancy's house. This is the best we could do...not bad!
 Mom and I took the kids up to the Festival of Trees/Christmas Stroll on Friday. It was a chilly night, but they had fun. Montana Orthopedics' tree was gorgeous as always. The kids wanted to eat some of the candy off it I'm sure!
 It was a little cold, but not as cold as it was Saturday and Sunday. There were a lot of people out too, so that's great. Carter and Ave loved all the lights and decorations on Park and Main. Uptown Butte is always awesome at Christmas time.
 On Saturday it was time to decorate our house and tree. The kids were super excited. They woke Kyle up so we could get started! Ave decided to wear a tutu and some fairy wings while we decorated!
 Carter was really excited to put the star up. Kyle lifted him up so he could...look at his tongue out. That's concentration!
 I love this picture. I was changing Teague's diaper and pajamas, and he made a break for the Christmas lights at Grandma and Poppa's house! He looks so pleased with himself!
 This is Carter's idea of decorating - hang some ornaments off of Grandma's glasses. He also looks very pleased with himself!

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