Monday, February 8, 2016

Sledding fun!

We've had our usual weather around here. Sunny one week, freezing the next. When it is nice outside, we love to go for walks. Laney had just got her haircut. Teague thought she looked beautiful and insisted on holding the leash!
These two wore snowpants and had to jump in every giant snow bank they could find!
Teague has been loving his "homework" lately. Carter thinks Teague is really smart. He likes to help him out.
Avery is weird. She was wearing her Peppa Pig hat backwards before bed. I was rapping to her about "Salt and Pepa in full effect" from my one of my favorite 6th grade tapes. I guess I'm weird too...
These two have been buddies lately. Carter was so impressed with Teague's homework that he invited him to sleep with him and talk about math. They are pretty cute.
Teague has to pack some supplies before we can walk to Emerson to get Avery and Carter.
He was trying to catch snowflakes on this day. Good thing he brought that net! He also was walking like C3PO because of his yellow sweatshirt.
My bendy girl. She's been showing us a lot of her tumbling moves lately. Very impressive!
The Boyle family (and Aunt Terri) organized a super fun cribbage tournament to benefit Kyle's scholarship and Casey's scholarship last Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Kyle and I were nervous about playing cribbage for the first time in years, but it was great. Everyone was so nice. The placque was up by Grandpa's picture too.
Lots of tears and lots of smiles! Mom and Dad came up after the Butte High games and Abb after work, and we had a lot of fun. We are always happy to see Alex.
The next day was beautiful, and we had no plans. Since Carter's foot is healed, we decided to go sledding. It was Jordan's idea, and it was a good one. Teague wore his new tights that Grandma Diana gave him. He loved them!
He's ready to head down at St. James!
Carter too!
Aver's turn!
Kyle sprayed the bottom of some of our slower sleds with cooking spray. It seemed to work pretty well.
Terr and Jord met us up there.
Teague was trying to catch Jordan.
3 happy kids!
Our yearly family sledding photo. Teague looks great!
Kyle having fun (and wearing pants!)
Carterman had to try it like his Dad.
It was a great day for sledding. Not crowded at all!
Teague and his buddy Jordan on the double sled.
We decided to try Tech too! It always looks pretty intimidating!
There she goes! We had the best day. We were all tired after sledding for 4 hours!
Ave and Laney are buddies. They shared a goldfish snack after school the other day.
The also sit at the kitchen table together and chat. I think maybe Laney wanting Ave's spaghetti-o leftovers had something to do with that!
Last but not least, Happy Birthday to Auntie Erica on Feb. 7th! I'm glad we got to chat a little. Hope you enjoyed your Superbowl Birthday!

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