Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The family is here!

We have Erica, Landon, Kelsie, Joe, Lincoln, Terri, Drea, and Chris in for a visit. We've had lots of fun, and the two babies are very good and not shy! This was the night before they arrived. My handsome baby doing a real smile.
Drea and Terri were here a few days before everybody else. We met them at Silver Bow for lunch. All the kids had a lot of fun together.
Jordan took Teagie and Drea on the carousel. She's the best.
The two buddies are back together again! Carterman looks ghostlike in this picture. I know Landon's tan, but I thought Carter was sort of too!
Drea loved Jordan right away!
We met them at the splash pad the next day. There was hardly anyone there, and the kids had a lot of fun. It is much better when it's not so crowded!
Carterman was soaked!
Austin, Ave, and Carter under the umbrella!
Carter, Landon, and Ave squirting eachother - always a favorite.
Teague even got his feet wet! He's kind of a wimp at the splash pad. He loves a pool, but not splashing I guess.
Drea is not a wimp! She absolutely loved playing in all the water. She's so cute!
Drea is a big fan of Avery. So is Lincoln. Maybe it's because she'll get down to their level, play with them, and copy them. They were having a nice talk here.
Lincoln is here! We picked them up in Belgrade and went straight to Famous Dave's for Dad's birthday dinner. It was delicious, and the kids enjoyed getting to know eachother. Ave looks nuts here. She was trying to hide the salt and pepper from Linky Lou.
On Monday we played a delightful game of baseball down at C Street Park. Ken is pitching to Jordan here, while Kelsie and Laney play the field.
I like this action shot. Jord is running. Landon is throwing the ball into Carter. Pretty sure she made it home safe! It was so fun!
The kiddos cooled off under the pine tree for awhile. It was a hot day!
Time to walk back to Papa's. Drea and Erica were walking buddies.
Drea and Teague played nicely together on Terri's kindle too. They were pretty good at puzzles!
Lastly, Carter was sleeping like this the other night. I had to take a picture. They'll be plenty more pictures to come!

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