Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just some lazy wonderful stuff

We had a pretty quiet week around here, nothing too out of the ordinary. We are never bored though that's for sure! We took a little walk to feed the ducks and couldn't find any. Still fun though. It was Teague's first time in a stroller. He was mad about the wind at first, then he passed out.
Carter is the best brother a kid could ask for. He gave Teague a nice little run. We've still got the awesome jogging stroller Callie!
Avery and Jocko are such pals. Here they are at the end of our little excursion.
Ave is such a clown. She set up these hula hoops to be her houses. She let Carter sit in her "purple house" and she moved into her "yellow house".
Just a cute sleeping little man picture. He looks so peaceful. This was the night he would not wake up until about 11. Then he didn't go back to sleep until 2am. Not our best evening together - I still love him though!
These two  were entertaining their brother while I got some chocolate milk for them. They tell him great stories about dinosaurs.
We made it down to C Street Park finally. It actually wasn't snowing or raining for once. Carter, Avery, and Landon had a great time. Teague stayed with Grandma because he was sleeping.
There's my big crazy 4 year old. He does seem so much bigger all of a sudden.
My little Googles love the big girl swings. She's very good at holding on all by herself. I should have maybe rotated this picture before I posted. Oops!
C Street Park doesn't have much, but the two swings are nice. They also ran and ran with Laney. It was nice to be outside for awhile.
My parents babysat while I went out for my friend Dana's 30th birthday. Erica and Ritter came too. It was fun...and Dana's pregnant. Congrats!
These little naked fools were making their own dinosaur train. The little potty, two inflatable chairs, and two baby strollers make a great train!
These cute shirts and onesie were from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness on our Cody trip. They are so cute - I just love them!
Ave has the best smile in this one!
Nothing better than a Mother's Day with these little monkeys!

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