Monday, January 11, 2010

Exhausted kids

We had a quiet but tiring weekend. Avery's getting some teeth, and Carter's not sleeping well at we had some big long naps. Here's Avery on Sunday morning working on her chest pass. Push those thumbs down!
My mom is always ordering books online for them. She must have liked this dinosaur one because she bought two. The boys read their books while they ate donuts and watched Ice Age.
We went swimming again Saturday morning. They all just love it, so we go as often as we can. Afterwards, Carter told me he was so hungry. Since they were so good, we made a trip to McDonalds.
There's the Landoman's big blue eyes in the locker room after swimming. He's pretty damn cute. I love the big lock of hair on his forehead too.
Here's my babies hanging out in chairs playing peek-a-boo while we were getting their clothes ready. They had a good time as you can see!
My girl has the best time at the Y. We were there for about an hour and a half, and she just smiled the whole time. She mostly hung out with her pal Jordan (we were glad she got to go this time).
The fountains were on when we got there, and the boys were so happy. Sometimes they don't turn them on until 1, but they were on right at noon. Landon has always enjoyed kicking them.
Carter likes to run through the middle of them, like a gauntlet! He makes sure he touches every one.
I love this face! He went down the slide first thing when we got there. It was fun as usual!
While everyone is getting ready, the boys love to hide in lockers. They are goofballs. I'm glad they love swimming. Erica and I always loved it.
On Friday night, the policemen had a little party at the McQueen club. I guess it was their late Christmas party for whoever could come. It was fun to meet them. They are pretty funny guys. Here's Kyle and one of his favorites, Kevin. Kevin was his first training officer. It was an ugly sweater party too. I think Kevin was the only one who dressed up - Kyle borrowed it for a picture!
Here's my girl talking on the phone. Is there a baby who doesn't like the phone? She always holds them up and says "hi". It's very cute!
My kids got a really cool little barn tent from Callie for Christmas. They love it. I catch Avery crawling through the tunnels all the time. They were hiding in there with Abbey, and I surprised them. They look very surprised!
Avery really likes her little phone that Luke and Josh sent her. She loves to point to the nose and the eyeballs. She's getting pretty good at finding bodyparts. She really enjoys getting a hold on someone else's nose.
The boys took a bath together at Mom and Dad's the other night. Avery had just woken up, and she was a jealous girl. She wanted to get in!
The foam smiley faces were quite lovely on them. I had to do a little cropping here. No frontal nudity allowed!
That is a sleepy, rosy cheeked girl right there. She was so tired the other night. She slept almost 12 hours! Getting teeth is a tough job. I love these bunny pjs from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. She kept pointing to her toes the next morning.
Terr, Abb, and Jord found the kids some little fuzzy Disney books that they brought over. Carter loves them. They are some of the older movies that he likes: Peter Pan, Aristocats, and 101 Dalmations...classics.
Avery loves when Landon has a peanut butter and jelly for dinner. He's been eating just the jelly side. My little Hoover is right there to clean up the rest for him!

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