Sunday, July 3, 2016

So so much summer!

Happy Father's Day a bit late to all you wonderful fathers out there! This great Dad braved the sun to go play some baseball/softball with his kids. We had a lot of fun!
It has been hot, hot, hot! I'm not complaining, but the kids definitely need a place to cool off. You will see a lot of splash pad pictures in this post. Carter and Avery really love it now.
There they are under the bucket. Teague is still not a fan.
Time to dry off or "fry like bacon" as Ave says.
Teague claims the water makes him hungry. He has to snack immediately when we get there.
They all worked together on the water gun.
Two happy sun lovers.
I love how they have their feet crossed here.
Carterman loves the Splash Pad now. He rarely misses a bucket pour!
Teague did decide it was fun to get his butt wet.
All 3 shooting each other. It's so nice when it's not super crowded there.
Getting ready for the umbrella to turn on...
It's on!
They cut some pretty ripe strawberries in half, rolled them in bird seed, and hung them on the tree. They really like to watch the robins chow down.
Time to try the wading pool. Always fun to roll down the giant hill too. I love Teague's leg up in the air in the background!
Ave's dramatic "dizzy fall." She looked like Frodo in Lord of the Rings when the Nazgul come - huge nerd reference!
Good elbow action Teague! You can spot Carter's lime green shirt up the hill. Lime green is so hot right now.
Ave loves the water.
Carter did some running. He didn't feel like going in the water that day.
He did some playing too. The hospital has a fun little obstacle course.
We stopped by the North Star for some old fashioned ice cream cones. Delicious!
Kyle didn't have to work until 4 on Friday, so we went to see Finding Dory in the morning. It was super cute! I give it two thumbs up.
We met Jamie and Liam at the Splash Pad last week too. Carter decided to wear a shirt since his skin is so fair!
Ave found a friendly ladybug.
These two goofballs had fun going around the pole.
I love that this marble set from Phil and Mary Jo is something they can all play with together. It's pretty awesome.
Yay! Our North Dakota cousins are back! Link and Teague enjoying playing "Snakes" together.
They wanted to go to the Splash Pad too. Teague made sure it was on.
Ave was really trying to get Hawkins to try the water. He was not enticed by her charms. Link wasn't a fan either. It takes some time.
Lando, Ave, and Carter enjoyed the bucket a lot!
They know just where to stand now!
The "peace gang."
Teague getting ready
Happy cousins on the cowboy swings. Lincoln was making his Mom push him on the swings.
Teague was playing "Peek-a-Boo" with Hawkins. He was covering his mouth when he laughed.
Wednesday night was the Dance Company show. Jordan was absolutely fantastic. I'm so glad she had a big crowd there to cheer her on. Thanks for coming in Callie! Dad was watching all the kids because Kyle was in Vegas for a conference. Luckily Joe surprised Kelsie by arriving that night, and he helped Papa immensely. Ave is pretty great with the little boys though. They love her.
We had some brunch at the Hanging 5 the next day. Erica went to Bozeman to get Sean (he flew in.) Hawkins came with us and was in angel. He and his buddy Jordan colored together.
He is the most easy going guy in the world!
I took the kids down to C Street Park to get out of the house. I love Teague's arms in a muscle shirt. They remind me of Carter when he was that age.
Landon, Ave, Carter, and the Stodden boys had a fun little Nerf war down there.
Ave is quite enjoying Lincoln's new scooter. She really knows how to accessorize an outfit also!
Time to roll around on the floor with her buddy Lincoln. They are pals for sure!
Dancing in the rain is always a good time!
Teague put on his fedora and joined jumping Lando.
This is one cool kid. I think he knows it too. That's Carl in the background. I'm sorry I didn't get any pictures of Carl and Jenny! We had a great visit though. Lots of sitting in the yard, relaxing, visiting, laughing, game night, and having a few beers! My kind of summer for sure. Travel safely today Carl and Jenny! We miss you already!
Splash Pad time again!
Kels, her favorite niece, and Linky Lou all really had a great time.
Trying to do everything Avery does!
Action photo! He is a skinny little man!
Giving each other some low fives while they pass by.
Jumping photo!
I love this picture! Kels said she's not sure where Link got this new pose. Apparently Teague felt like being goofy too. Erica and Sean had Hawkins and the big boys at the Lewis and Clark Canyon. They had a lot of fun. I want to go this summer too. Kyle came back from Vegas at 2 o'clock though on that day. We were happy to see him!
Silly, happy kids!
We met Sean's family at the Washoe Pool in Anaconda yesterday. I had never been there. We had a blast, and it was super cheap. Here is Kelsie going off the diving board.
Oh yeah! A perfect can opener!
Landon went off the diving board a ton of times too.
Two nine year old buddies.
My girl is a pretty good swimmer, but almost the whole pool was 5 feet deep. Lincoln's floaties were a big help. He mostly stayed holding on to his Dad or Mom.
Happy swimming family everywhere. They had some cool slides we all tried out too. Kyle made the biggest splash!
I got a couple pictures before I jumped in. There is Sean, Lando (wiping his eyes, oops), Erica, Hawkins, Kels, Lincoln, Joe, and Carterman.
All the kids think Uncle Joe is pretty awesome. They were checking out his form on the Ipad.
Erica and Kels sent me a couple pictures, so these are a little out of order. Here is what Hawkins likes to do at Clark's Park, play in the dirt!
3 happy kids staying warm in the showers at the Splash Pad.
Erica, Teague, and Landon in Anaconda.
Me, Hawkins, Erica, Kyle, Ave, Teague, and Jordan having fun. One of Jordan's dancers that she taught was there. She latched on to Jordan and didn't want to leave her. Speaking of Jordan, she and Terri are on their way to Vegas today for dance. Good luck! Travel safely!
Our family picture for the year. It's a pretty good one even though the 9 year olds look a little silly. We miss you Little Kyle, every day.
A picture from Erica at the Caverns. It sounds like a really cool place to visit.

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