Tuesday, June 26, 2007

lots of rompers!

We went to Geah Ries's bridal shower on Sunday. Carter was very good and apparently very tired!

After the shower, Carter hung out with a newly shorn Laney on the floor. I like how his romper says "Woof Woof" right next to her.
I like this position - kind of a starfish thing. I think Jordan got him to fall asleep like this one day.
Same outfit, different day, still a sleepy guy. It sure doesn't seem like he sleeps this much!
Mom, Erica, Landon, and Carter went to Josh's first birthday this weekend. I was coaching unfortunately. This is my "little sport" stretching on his great-aunt Diane.

I just like this full body shot. He's got some nice leg rolls and his cute onesie says that he "plays sports with Daddy". Soon enough, I'm sure!
We had a big week last week with volleyball camp and Breanne staying with us. Mom babysat in the morning with Abb and Jord (who are lifesavers) while Big Kyle and Grandpa had the afternoons. Carter likes to cuddle up with his babysitters!
Jordan was making him smile one morning and got this funny picture. He's always a happy little man in the mornings.

We took a trip to Silver Bow on Friday. Jordan and Breanne took Carter on the carousel. He liked all the bright colors and lights there.

Here is the big-eyed boy hanging out with his great-aunt Terri.
I heard Carter had a big, bad diaper on Friday morning. So bad that Mom, Terri, Abb, and Jord had to give him a bath in the kitchen sink. He seems pretty fine with it!

After his bath and a bottle, it was nap time with Abbey again!
I just think this outfit is hilarious. It has a big crab on the butt too. Check out his huge muscles!

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