Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Firsts!

Carter went to his first wedding this weekend: Geah Ries and Eric Zahler. He was a very good boy. He looked very handsome chilling on the floor at the reception.

Jordan had to answer the phone the other day while she was feeding him. It looked like he was holding the bottle himself, so she took a picture. I just like how huge the bottle looks next to him!
I just like how he looks in his robe. He got all clean and spiffed up for the wedding.
I had to include this picture of our good dog. She lets Landon play with her tags all the time. She doesn't even get mad when he occasionally yanks on them.
Just another happy boy picture. He loves to smile at Abb, Jord, and Aunt Erica every morning!
I'm brainwashing him early. My boy is going to be a Duke fan!
I had to show another peaceful sleeping picture. His chubby cheeks just kill me.
Here are the cute guys in their swim trunks and tank tops. Totally buff, right? They were going to swim in the pool in our front yard, but Carter fell asleep!
First jog with Mom! My friend Ritter (Melissa Swanson) brought over her cutie, Madisyn, and we went for a jog together. Madisyn and Carter's jogging strollers worked great. Here are all three babies hanging out - do you like Carter's drool spot?
First swim! This was after Carter's first swim at the YMCA. Erica and I took the boys last Tuesday. Landon was a little afraid of the big fountain, but Carter enjoyed himself. He even kicked his legs when I put him on his stomach in the water.
This was before we left the Y. Poor Lando was not so happy. I just included this one because Carter is starring at the football. His dad is also brainwashing him!
Abb let Carter suck on her shoulder while she was getting his bottle ready. Here's the end result! She said she could feel it, but didn't think it would leave a mark. He's a strong little guy!

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