Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween and more!

Carter had a really good time with Jordan's birthday presents from Alaska. He loved the magnets (video down below) and this box. As usual, he managed to get rid of a sock!
Just another stroller picture. He enjoys a nice walk; he likes to watch Laney smell everything. I was amazed he kept the hood on!

Here's one Halloween costume. Kevin and Marisa sent us this cute little pumpkin outfit (Thanks again!). He looked awfully cute!
Dad fell asleep when we were going to carve the pumpkins, so we made one just for him! Kyle and I were pretty proud of our handywork - I can see the resemblance anyway!
Kyle did the gutting of the pumpkins. He looks pretty excited about it too!
Here's Carter's other costume. Our little Darth Vader was quite enthralled by the light saber (as you can see by his face). He was not a very intimidating bad guy!
Jordan was a gothic princess of some sort. She looked pretty freaky with that eye makeup on!
Here's Abbey Jean (as Princess Daisy from some Nintendo game) with the Dale pumpkin. Abb and Jord's costumes were both made by their Aunt Patsy - she's very talented.
This is just a random happy guy picture. He's so funny - he seems to be getting more animated everyday! I love the stripes on him too.
Here's the tongue picture. He's moving that thing all over the place and making some cool new noises. What a silly boy!
The tongue goes out when he's concentrating too! This light that went inside the pumpkin was quite captivating. Carter loved how easy it was to turn it on and off.
I love when I catch a really big smile! This was right before bed one night, and he was being so charming. He would do anything not to go to sleep.
We had Jordan's birthday dinner and cake on Sunday. Those trick candles were hilarious - they would not go out. I can't believe she's 9!
It was so nice on Sunday that Carter got to hang out outside while I helped Dad pick up leaves. He just loves the outdoors - he must have got that from Grandpa this summer. He liked that ghost in the tree too.
Dad wanted me to get a picture of the new chain link - he probably didn't want to be in it. Oops! Dad, Kyle, Mr. Ries, and Eric did a great job putting it together.
Here's a front view of Mom and Dad's house now. It looks really nice. If you look closely you can see Dad and his rake standing proudly by the look-alike pumpkin.

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