Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

Here's our first ever Christmas picture. I don't think I look very good, but everyone else does! You can see our sad little tree in the background!
This is what Carter does when he wakes up in the morning: grabs his blue elephant and eats its nose. I like his polar bear feet.
Carter loves Grandma Burgman's fiber optic snowman. He played with it for about twenty minutes last night. He enjoyed some juice too!
His new thing is to lick his lips constantly. I don't know if it feels good on his gums or what - it's funny though.
Laney likes to make everyone in the room play fetch with her. It was Carter's turn to throw the horse!
Carter loves his Grandpa. He doesn't even fight him about sleep - he just snuggles right into that shoulder.
Carter thought this "Bumble" that sings "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" was really fascinating. His Dad is going to get him hooked on claymation in no time!
Carter likes a nice cookie for a snack. He did end up eating the half that got stuck to his shoulder!
Carter is getting much taller but also very solid. He's a little muscle man - check out those thighs!
Mom got these pajamas for him in Billings about three months ago, and I forgot about them. Luckily, he fits nicely in them. They're so cute!
Kyle got a picture of Carter falling asleep while I was feeding him his evening meal. The poor guy gets so worn out playing at daycare.
Carter thinks the tree is really cool. He's not sure about it though. He'll touch it and then pull his arm back really fast. I guess that's better than trying to pull branches off!
I just like his little hands in this picture. He looks very happy about something!
Here's a little man getting tickled by his Dad. His armpits, thighs, and belly are very ticklish.
This is his fake gagging face. He pretends to gag now for attention. His day care lady said he saw her son do it and copied him. He tries to copy everyone. Lovely, huh?

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