Sunday, December 16, 2007

A slow week

We had a nice boring week. Just getting ready for family coming in for Christmas!
Here's just a smiling guy in his nice red shirt. I think he looks pretty good in red.
He completely did this on accident - Abbey took the picture at the exact right moment. Hopefully this doesn't become a habit!
Yeah - Auntie Kelsie's here! She was a bit tired from her red-eye flight, but she and Carter played quite a bit. I think he remembered her.

Carter thinks it is so funny when Laney plays fetch. She was bringing her hedgehog back to him, and you can tell he was really laughing about it!
This picture is cute. Carter's doing a wake-up stretch, and Laney looks quite comfy perched on Kyle's head!
Carter was talking to Uncle Kyle and Katie while he smeared biscuit all over his face and hair. That was fun to clean up!
Laney always has to be next to Carter, and he kept snuggling into Laney's warm belly. They slept like this for about two hours!
This is just a random picture of Carter playing peek-a-boo. He loves to yank this little blanket off his head and laugh!
Carter is growing out of his clothes quite quickly all of a sudden. He looked like a little sausage on Tuesday.
Carter was sleeping on Jordan the other day. It reminded me of when he was just home from the hospital. He seems so big now!
Carter was enjoying some of Grandpa's grape juice here. He really enjoyed the cup too - he slobbered all over it!

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