Sunday, January 13, 2008

Almost Crawling

My blog was not being very cooperative this weekend, but here are some pictures.
My little man was hanging out on the couch with me when he decided to put my arm in a scissor hold - he really had his legs locked around it for awhile!
Carter likes to try on Uncle Kyle's hats (and then rip them off his head). Poor Redskins - at least Carter's college team is good (LSU).
This was after the Butte High/Butte Central game (Good job Butte High!). Carter was really liking the gym floor at the Civic Center.
Carter was so good at the games. Luckily he had lots of people, like Jordan, to keep him walking around and entertained.
I just thought this picture was funny. Kyle was playing with Laney one night, and she was so tired that she couldn't get that tongue back in her mouth!
Sometimes spoons are the greatest toys! You can tell he was having a really good time just shaking them and banging them together. Usually at least one was in his mouth.
Carter was really liking the shiny metal clasp on my purse - it was covered in drool in no time! He looks pretty fascinated by it.
He loves these stackers that he got for Christmas. He likes to pull them apart, turn them over, and put stuff in them. He's a genius.

He is a clapping fool all of a sudden! He looks pretty happy about something in this picture - I think Grandma was clapping for him.
This was last Sunday night before Aunt Kelsie left. They were good pals. He's still checking out your picture above the computer!

Anytime Carter has a cookie in his saucer, Laney is right there in case he drops it. He's started sharing with her now.
I'll have to put up a video of him with this flashlight. Grandpa was shining it on him, and Carter just kept saying "Ooooh"!
I just noticed I didn't even get the mashed potatoes or plate of turkey in this picture, but we did have a delicious turkey dinner for Abbey's 12th birthday on Sunday.
I can't believe that she's 12! She'll be off to East Middle School next year - she better not join a gang (Ha Ha)!

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