Sunday, January 6, 2008

Last week with Aunts and cousin

Carter has decided he loves the vaccuum cleaner. Abbey was walking him around, and he was chasing after it!
He then got to ride on Abbey's shoulders and pull her hair. Look at that big old smile! I like his feet hooked around her neck.
The holidays wore Kyle and Carter out (me too). I love how their right arms are sprawled out!
I miss my sisters (and Landon) already. We had fun on their long visit - Anchorage is way too far away.

Landon is a smart little guy. He knew that in Uncle Kyle's room, there were Hershey's kisses. He's so nice too. He loved to give Carter a pat on the head!
Uncle Kyle let Carter wear his nice, sweaty headband. Carter seemed to like all the attention he received while wearing it!
I love this picture. The boys really did like to hang out with eachother. I love how Carter's hand is on Landon's back.
Here's another random picture of the boys just checking eachother out. Landon liked to share food with Carter too. I'm pretty sure he ended up with that cracker that Lando has!
Carter was having a really good time with this exercise ball the other day. He liked how loud it was when he smacked it!
This is Landon's xylophone, but Carter had a good time with it too. I love the concentration here - the tongue out must help.
Here's my little goofball rolling around on the floor after a plastic ball. He's a rolling machine - now he needs to crawl.
He likes to bang stuff together now. Auntie Kelsie taught him that! There's the tongue again!
We had Erica's fake birthday dinner on Saturday night (since she won't be here in February). Carter really, really enjoyed his crumbs of chocolate cake!
Landon would not touch his birthday cake in November, but he seemed to like this one. He's so cute with his little fork and mohawk/widow's peak!
He's so funny. This just makes me sad. I can't imagine how much Landon will have changed when we see him again in May.
Carter loves a nice laundry basket ride - I think he likes being able to see out the sides. It's probably even better when Abbey is riding with him.
Carter's future prom date Madisyn turns one on the 7th! She had a lovely birthday party on Sunday. She went to town on that cake; it was impressive.
She looked so cute in her little dress. I wish I had a better picture of it. I can't believe she's a year old!
Poor Jord. The one picture I have of her, and I cut off her head! She was helping Carter ride his Tonka truck (which he loves). It's been quite a hit so far.
Landon walked right into Grandpa, sat on his lap, and passed out (which never happens). He's a good baby, but he's never been big on going to sleep!

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