Monday, March 7, 2011

Three weeks old already!

Here are the three crazy "old" kids. Carter always has to have a gun, and if Carter does, Avery does. Landon decided to bust out his Raphael costume.

He's getting a nice healthy round face. We went to the doctor for a checkup and the little chunky man is gaining over an ounce a day! He loves to eat!
Avery was looking so cute on her way to daycare. She likes to bring a little bag of cereal with her...Quaker Oat Squares (yum)!
They love their baby brother. Carter all of a sudden has taken quite an interest in him.  It makes me happy.
A crazy Carterman bath time smile. How could I not post this?
Speaking of crazy, there's my girl in her upside down crown. She absolutely refused to stop for two seconds so I could take a good picture of her.
She likes to put blankets on the floor and ask if anyone wants to take a trip with her. I don't know where she gets this stuff. Luckily, Laney came along for the trip!
Auntie and the Teaguerman - sorry I cut off your head Erica!
What a fantastic big sister! She always goes up to him and says, "What Teague?" like he said something to her.
Pink coat girls! Ave and her pal Jordan - so cute.
I'm not sure what this crazy face is for - I like it though. Teague likes his new bouncer that Auntie Erica got for him.
He slept on Jordan for about two hours the other day. He's a lovey guy - he likes to cuddle up with somebody.
Carterman has asked to hold his little brother the last three days. He will love when he's big enough to play with!
More cuddling with Jordan. I love his dark dark blue eyes and tiny round head. He's a cutie!
Jordan parted Carter's hair after his bath the other night. He looks like a little preppy guy!
Last but not least, a little peaceful sleeping face...arms up of course!

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