Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Miss you already Kels!

Here's my cute little man sleeping in his bouncer. Hopefully, Carter's T-Rex "Grimlock" doesn't wake him!
These are my big kids after their shots. They had their 2 and 4 year check-ups last week. They are brilliant of course, average height (50-75%), and skinny things (10%for Carter, 5% for Avery)!
Just a handsome fella picture...with a gorgeous double chin. He looks more like my Carter everyday.
Lando was showing off some awesome dance moves in the kitchen while Teague was getting burped. Auntie Kelsie took this for us.
You can't really see his sticker very well with the red onesie, but my little Teagle Beagle is 2 months already! He's got a fabulous physique!

She looks like such a goofball here, which is appropriate. She is possibly the silliest child I've ever been around! She was laying by Teague trying to make him smile, which usually works.
Kelsie and Mom were out shopping at Walmart...and Kelsie could not resist this jacket. It was $1. We (because we are nerds) were singing "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet" to him. Poor guy!
Carter decorated sugar cookies at daycare on cooking day and kept asking me if we could make some more. I bought some at the store, because I'm lazy, and Erica helped them while I was feeding Teague. She even made 8 different color frostings. Good work!
Carter loves to cook. Loves it! He would put a big pile of sprinkles on his cookies and say "perfect"! He's a nice guy too. He made some special ones for Kelsie, Grandma, Poppa, and Daddy.
Aunt Terri helped Ave decorate hers. She was very careful and precise - then she licked all the frosting off!
We have a picture of every kid sleeping on Abbey, here's Teague's turn. As you can tell, he was out!
We decided to get a family picture with Kels while she was here. It turned out pretty good for having four little kids in it! Carter is touching his nose for some reason, but I'm really glad we got this.
Avery had some volume in her hair that night. She loves to try and play games with the adults. She was sure she was winning at Yahtzee!
Mom, Erica, Kelsie, Abb, and Jord made pasties on Friday. They were delicious as usual. Carter ate two that night! That should help him bulk up!
All the kids were sad to see Kelsie go - all of us were. They all crowded in for a picture with her. We had a lot of fun and can't wait to see her again!
Teague is starting to smile quite a bit. Of course, I can't catch one on camera. Erica got a great one. I might have to steal it and repost it. He's a good boy though!

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