Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Road Trip!

My mom has these little plastic clear blocks for scrapbooking. Carter found another use for them. They are excellent for finding decepticons ( bad Transformers)!

Carter is really starting to like cooking. I should maybe do it once in awhile! He loves to help Poppa. Ave was helping too, but Carter wanted to help the next day too.
Here's my little chunky guy chilling on the couch. He went to the Dr. today for his six week shots (he did great!) and weighed 11 lb 8 oz.
Just a random pretty girl in the sunshine picture. She loves to do puzzles - good thing too. Most all the girls in the family enjoy them.
Teague is not a huge fan of getting out of the bath, if you can't tell!
We went down to Cody, Wyoming for Kyle's Grandma's surprise birthday party. It was a really fun trip. Grandma Clarabelle was quite surprised. My kiddos were all pretty good on the long truck ride too. Here's my boys (and Laney) in the hotel.
We went to a nice park there to wear the kids out before the party. Colten is such a good helper. He came with us and played with Carter and Ave a whole bunch.
Teague was so good for Great Grandma. She held him a couple times to show him off to her friends, and he just calmed right down when she had him. What a guy!
Kyle's cousin West and his wife Katie have two kids: a Landon who's 4 (how weird is that?) and Emery who's almost 2. All the kids had a great time getting to know eachother.
Kyle's uncle Ray entertained the kids forever! He was throwing a football for them to catch. It was pretty hilarious. That's Landon throwing it back.
It was pretty chilly there, although it didn't bother any of the kids. Even Teague slept just fine outside when he was on somebody's shoulder. That's his favorite way to cuddle.
Carter was killing me. Ray would throw the football really high, and he would just spin around yelling until it came down. It did bonk off his face once...luckily it was soft!
Kaden, who's about 18 months is so funny and cute. He's the busiest kid I've ever seen. He has a special knack for getting into things he's not supposed to!
Here's Great Grandma and Grandpa Barsness with all their great grandchildren. It was quite a feat to get a picture. Carter was crying about something and Ave was making silly faces...still cute though. From Left to Right: (Floor) Avery, Carter, Emery. (Middle) Landon, Clarabelle, Teague, Richard, Colten (Back) Kaden and Breanne.
Ave was being so good and sharing toys with Emery. She looked beautiful too. She got so many compliments on her birthday dress!
Carter found a Kazoo in the toy box and made beautiful music for everyone. He was killing me. He kept calling it his O Kazoo! Thanks everyone: Grandma Diana, Grandpa Dick, Uncle Chris, Aunt Aly, and everyone. We had a great time!

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