Monday, November 28, 2011

Found it!

Well, I bought a new camera on Wednesday. So...Mom and Dad found my lost camera buried in their couch on Friday. Of course! Oh well, if I lose one now I'm set! Here's one set of pictures. There will be more to come. Here's Teague and Laney. He's really starting to like her. He's even pretty nice!

Ave is the best sister. She was helping him make some awesome noises on her hand. That's his new's hilarious!
He loves Avery's princess push car. He likes Carter's Tonka one too, but the princess car makes more noise. I love his outfit too. Mom and Dad got it for him. It has a "Rock-a-saurus" on it!
Ave is showing off her blood blister here. It was a good one - damn those folding doors. Luckily she's a tough girl!
3 kids in the tub! They have a good time!
I have so many pictures of Teagie man just smiling so big. He's a happy baby.
Here's another. He was coming to get me!
My friends came over Tuesday last week. Dana is due Jan 8th, so we did the Christmas exchange early. Carter got double nerf guns. He could not be happier! Ave got a mermaid Barbie with color change hair for the bath. Spoiled kids...
Here's the big kids: Jada just turned 5, Madisyn will be 5 in January, and Carterman will be 5 in April. So cute!
Here's the 3/almost 3 year olds. Mason will be 3 in December, Madelyn turned 3 in July, and Ave will be 3 in January (she insisted on dressing up as Woody).
I love these pictures (especially Ave's big splotch of chocolate on her face)!
Here's one with Teague. I was worried about him falling off the step, but Laney sat in front of him and Mason (who's the sweetest boy ever) gave him some support. So fun!
Landon turned 5 on the 21st - I can't believe it! He had a fabulous party at Silver Bow on Sunday. Miss Boo looked gorgeous!
The birthday boy and his buddy Carter. He had a lot of daycare friends there too, lots of fun!
My little dirty face boy...he loves trying new big people foods!
Mom and Dad got all the kids some cool superhero stuff. Even though this is a Wolverine mask (don't tell her!), she's sure she's Hawkgirl!
Jordo and Abb took the kids on the carousel and all the other rides a bunch. Here's Jocko with two of my babies. Good times!

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