Wednesday, February 22, 2012

8 million pictures!

I had to put up a photo of these pants Mom got him. I thought they were pajama pants until I read the tag. They were "casual cargos" perfect for a game of backyard football. They make me laugh! He wore them SuperBowl Sunday of course.
Terri brought him over a little dustpan and broom. He loves them! He always gets angry at the big broom because it's hard to wield. This one is perfect! Ave helped him clean up his dinner mess.
Just a handsome, preppy guy in a sweater. He looks like he's on his way to a polo match or something!
Ave loves all her dress-up clothes. She got this Ariel dress from Nicole and the boys for her birthday - she had to dance around with her Ariel baby for a bit. So cute!
We finally had a decent little amount of snow - with no wind or freezing temperatures. We played outside for a long time in it...a couple hours probably! Teague got to walk around in the snow for the first time. He was having a great time!
There was some sun. Made it a little hard to smile for a picture!
He was a man on a mission. I had to chase him around, get in front of him, and try my best to at least get his face in the picture. He does not sit still!
Grandma came out with us and took some pictures. Good thing, or we would have missed this one!
These boys make me laugh. They are awfully cute cousins!
I might be a little biased...but I think this is one handsome fella. He's the sweetest thing ever too! What a combo.
Peek-a-boo Grandma! I hope his eyes stay blue - I love them.
Lando had a great time making snowballs to throw at me and Grandma! We've missed snow this year. I haven't even got to take them sledding at Clark's Park this year.
By the time we were done, there was pretty much no snow left in the yard. We used it all for making a marshmallow guy (which you'll see soon) and snowballs of course!
Me and my girl. Not the best picture, but I'll put it up anyway. She might be the funniest person I know!
Lando and the tree. He loves that tree. So do I. I used to sit up there and read when I was little. Is that nerdy? Yes.
We busted out the wheelbarrows. Had to gather up the snow for building time.
He's a goofball. I just noticed his tongue sticking out!
We couldn't quite get a snowman we made marshmallow man (which is coincidentally what we call Poppa when he gives the grandkids whatever they want!). He looked pretty good I think!
Back to indoor stuff. This is Teague's new favorite meal - mac n cheese. He really gets in there!
Ave and Big Baby in their matching outfits from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. How cute!
Teague with his favorite thing in the world...any kind of ball. He will play with, bounce, pick up, throw every single one!
12 months old! This was on his birthday (the 13th) after we came back from the Emergency Room. Poor guy hasn't been sick for a whole year - then he ends up with 103 degree temp, croup, and a double ear infection on his birthday. Luckily he's back to his old silly self again. That's my excuse why the blog is so late...just go with it.

Happy Valentine's Day from a super silly Ave and her Daddy. She was the only one who made it to daycare that day for the parties. Poor Carter ended up with a sinus infection and conjunctavitus. It was a rough week!
He loves Avery's new sunglasses that Grandma got her. How stylish!
We went out to the Jumparoo on Friday after work. It's open now a lot more than it used to be. It was not busy either, so I got to take Teague down. He loved it!
Me and all the kiddos. They all took turns holding Teague's hands. They love the little guy - so sweet.
Teagie's big present from Kyle and I. A Cars2 ball's a little large for our house, but he's loving it. It's so funny to watch him crawl in and out!
Ave also is a big fan. She is always playing with and entertaining her baby brother. She's an excellent big sister.
Carterman likes to take his Imaginext Dinosaurs in there. It's a different world for them to explore apparently! As you can see, he's so intent on his game he can't even look in my direction.
Teague had his big party on Sunday the 19th at Grandma and Grandpa's house (I was too lazy for the Pizza Parlor). We had a great time - it turned out perfectly (thanks Mom and Dad)! He enjoyed some pizza to start.
Present opening time...he wasn't too interested in actually opening anything. Climbing on stuff is fun though!
He really liked shaking wrapping paper and tissue paper. That was probably his favorite part. He was good with all the people around though. He was a happy boy!
Ooh, a new spoon for the big eating boy. I love his little face here!
My helpers! They were good about taking turns with the presents. We had a great turn out too - it was great to just relax with everyone.
Ave looked lovely. She had me put three yellow ponytails in for the occasion!
Grandma Bonnie got him two sets of Magneatos. I know my kids still like playing with them when they go to Landon's house. They were a huge hit!
Reece, Avery, Carter, Mike, Molly, Connor, and Austin all played with them. All the kids including those not pictured (Brooklyn, Shamus, Cutler, and Cormac ) were awesome together. I seem to have missed Abb and Jord too. Mom got a good picture of them though. Poor Lando got sick with a stomach bug...I'm glad he's feeling better.
We blew up a bunch of balloons just to have about - the kids are still playing with them this week!
Cake time - he was practically jumping out of his seat!
We decided to go with a basketball cake. He did say "ball" when he saw it. It was quite tasty too! Thanks Safeway!
Teaguers got the basketball.
He dove right in too...with both hands!
The super messy boy was so crazy he got poor Reece's sweatshirt all dirty!
Having some cake with his pals. All was good until he tried ice cream. It was too cold...made the poor guy cry!
Daddy was working on balloon animals (very Steve Martin in Parenthood right?). He did manage to make Carter some cool blue bunny ears! Looking good! Thanks again everyone. He had so much fun. Thanks especially to Grandma and Grandpa Barsness for coming down to spend the weekend. We'll get up to Sunburst soon!

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