Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Hike and more!

My little man (who will be one in a week!) has the bluest eyes. I think they are going to stay that way now - we do have some blue eyes on both sides of the family. I love them!
Another example of that! He's just a cute little fella.
It was NFL day at daycare. Ave wore the Seahawks dress Mom and Dad got her when they watched the Redskins/Seahawks game in Seattle (although we don't root for them, the dress is so cute!), Teague went with Griz (since we couldn't find Carter's old 49ers shirt), and Carter went with 49ers!
My boys being silly. They are always silly!
My girl is just a cute little thing...even when she's making silly faces.
Friday was kind of decent out. It's so hard to believe it's February right now. We played outside for a little bit with Poppa. Here's Carter in the tree. I love that tree. I used to sit in it and read!
Teague loved it! It's the first time since he's been able to walk that he could just roam the yard. He was on a mission to walk back and forth and not look at me!
Two crazies in the tree. They are awfully cute together. I'll enjoy it while it lasts!
There's a Teagie pie in the tree. He wanted to be up there...until he was up there. He would much rather walk around and push the little lawnmower!
Teague is so smart. He's starting to say words like "ball", "pup", and "Poppa" along with Mama and Dada. We told him that treat was for the puppy, and he gave it right to her! He also tried to brush my hair this week and wipe my nose with a Kleenex. He's brilliant!
Carter and Landon got invited to their daycare friend Moriano's birthday party. They were so good and had  blast. They're growing up...
They've been very into sleepovers lately. Carter and Ave stayed with Landon Friday night. Then Landon stayed with us Saturday night. We had an epic game of Hide-n-Seek - two hours (followed by some Simon Says)! Carter hid under our little cardboard house and no one ever found him!
I helped Ave hide in the canvas laundry basket. It was an awesome spot. No one found her until the laundry basket started giggling!
Kyle put Landon on top of Carter's dresser and covered him with the Halloween costumes. It took Carter quite a while to find him! We had a good time.
Superbowl Sunday was gorgeous (and the game, food, and outcome were great!). We decided to go for a hike before the Superbowl started. Ave asked where we were going, when I turned around I was shocked to see Optimus Prime in the back of Erica's car! She makes me laugh!
We went to Maud S. Canyon on the East Ridge. It has a lot of nice trails. These boys liked to be the leaders...especially Landon. Dad thinks he's going to be a cross country runner. He was always quite a bit ahead of us!
These two had a break on a rock and yelled that they were "explorers!". Notice the unmatching gloves. We were not prepared for outdoor adventures, but we made it work (as wise Tim Gunn would say).
I like this shot. It lasted about one minute before they decided the trail was to small to all hold hands.
We made it up pretty high - compare this one to that first picture of Carter and Landon walking! Dad took a picutre of us on a giant rock. Kyle and Teague stayed home for this adventure. Teague would have wanted to climb all by himself!
A little closer. You can tell how sunny it was!
You can barely tell, but Ave was holding some flowers she picked for me and Auntie Erica. She was such a trooper - those little legs climbed and climbed! Carter found any snow he could and tried to make snowballs to throw at Poppa!
Teague kept attacking Carter to try and take Kyle's IPhone. I had to get a picture of these pants. Mom got them for him last week. They are casual cargos and (according to the tag) are perfect for a game of backyard football! He looked so cute!

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