Sunday, July 28, 2013


This blog has pictures from 3 different cameras on it - hence the title! These outside sprinkler ones were the last taken before my camera bit the dust. You can see that nice blur in the middle on some of them. Poor camera. It was with me for 6 years or so though, I got some good use out of it!
My girl in one of her many swimsuits. This one was apparently giving her a wedgie. I just noticed that...oh well, I don't feel like deleting it!
My Teagie Pie got his first haircut this week. Here's the last photo of his curls.
Carter was getting some water from the sprinkler to make anti-venom. Ave was making a grass/dirt pie.
We finally made it up to Sunburst. We had a great time visiting everyone. It was nice not to have to rush back in two days. This kids enjoyed the playground at the school. They have a lot of fun stuff there - tire swing, zip line, octagon prison (that's what Carter called it anyway)!
Tire swings are always a good time!
Teague enjoyed the teeter-totter immensely!
Now time for all 3 on the tire swing.
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness know these kids love a good sprinkler, so they bought a really cute puppy one. It was a great day for it - very sunny! Teague thought he'd help fill it up.
Carter had a blast!
We had a delicious dinner that night with the whole family (we missed Callie and Kevin of course). We had to get a picture of all the Barsness grandkids for Diana's Facebook profile. Last time we took one, there was no Teague! From l-r: Carter, Colten, Avery, Breanne, Kaden, and Teague. Kade and Teague's faces are hilarious!
Having so much fun wears some kids out. I love Ave's hands crossed above her head!
The next day we hung out at the farm, and Carter was in heaven! He followed Nate everywhere! Good thing Nate is so nice. They got a couple tractor rides, got to see the canola, had some delicious Grandma Bonnie food, and chatted with Phil and Mary Jo.
Carter, who lost a top tooth the day before, is sure he drove this all over by himself...because Phil taught him last year. He told Kyle and I that over and over again! Thanks everyone. We had a wonderful visit.
We went on a hike today up by Roosevelt Drive. It was a great day for it, there was a nice little breeze. There is my little explorer Teague. He did pretty good for a 2 year old man. He fell asleep on my shoulder on the way down! 
Ave and Carter were sure every little weird mark on a tree was made by a dinosaur. Carter is pretty sure he found an Iguanadon thumb spike too!
Time for a quick little rest on a stump. We had a nice 2 mile hike.
Look what we found! This tunnel was pretty awesome. They were all excited to go through it. Kelsie and Erica, we weren't near the trestle! I told Dad I didn't want to go there with these 3!
Made it to the other side! Looked around and then went back through. It's pretty cool. The ends both have nice smooth concrete, but the middle is all natural rock.
We found some old rusty train souvenirs. We used to always take the spikes home when we were kids. They stayed outside, we'll try to clean them off tomorrow.
Lastly, Papa's birthday was yesterday. He and I feasted on garlic pork, salad from my garden, and Kale chips. The kale was from my garden too, and we were surprised how good the chips turned out! Mom, little Kyle, and Big Kyle were all gone so we had a big family dinner tonight. Steak, macaroni salad, and pie. Yum! Happy Birthday Papa!

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