Monday, February 2, 2015

Sorry - misplaced camera!

Ave decided her back hurt, so I warmed up the rice bag for her. She also decided her finger needed an ice pack. She also just looks cool in sunglasses. I just like the overall look here.
These two are just buddies. That's all there is to it. The bath water was colored orange too, they are honestly not that dirty! That is possibly the cheesiest grin ever from Teague William!
Teague wanted to practice basketball at home. The other two had their Jamboree that day. They had fun, but it was a long season! Carter especially enjoyed himself. He picked it up pretty quickly!
Oh yeah!
Ave is quite the little reader. She just gets it! She is also very good about reading to Teague.
Here they are singing some One Direction to eachother in the truck. They love to really belt out the song "C'Mon, C'Mon!"
I've taken Laney for a couple long walks lately. This is basically the rest of her day afterwards. She loves it though!
These two came for a walk with me the other day too. I finally got a good picture up on this giant fallen tree. It just looks cool.
Yes, Carter was still in his pajamas. He loves to be a bum on the weekends. What a nice real smile though :)
Our favorite giant tree.
Doggy pile on Dad! Ave the actress is making a lovely face here.
Teague builds different Transformers out of his Magneato's every night. He has quite an imagination. Those were from his first birthday, and he still loves them! Thanks Grandma Barsness and Great Grandma Bonnie!
Teague's Duke shirt brought Duke some much needed luck. They had an awesome win against Virginia! Ave is showing off her Nerf crossbow. Carter's scope fits on it, which they think is fantastic!
Lastly Teague really wanted his pajamas stuffed with stuffed animals. He thought it was hilarious! Ave is just Ave. Sometimes I am at a loss for words with her. She's a ham!

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