Monday, March 9, 2015

Outside fun!

Kyle, Terri, Mom, and I went to the fund raiser for dance at the Depot. Geah and Eric sat with us, and we had way too much fun!
Mom won the paper plate game! Geah and I were out on the first try. Eric and Kyle told us tails never fails...they were wrong!
Saturday was pretty beautiful. Carter obviously thought so! He is very much like his Dad. If you can wear shorts instead of pants, why wouldn't you?
We decided to walk down the trail, across Harrison, and head to Father Sheehan Park for a bit.
Two goofballs on a T-Rex. Getting Teague to open his eyes lately is something I have not mastered!
They are sort of open there! Anyway, they had lots of fun. We love going to parks.
Kyle and Carter played some baseball over on one of the fields. I got a picture of him getting some grounders. He sticks his tongue out, and it makes me laugh!
The aftermath of a fun day outside! My Boo was tired.
I managed to get her a blanket and pillow, and of course, Lane decided to join her.
Teague fell asleep like this for five minutes. I made him get up and share a mango with me. He loves fruit! He slept that night for about 12 hours I think!
On Sunday, we went out to Margaret Leary and Walmart. Margaret Leary has tetherball now. I love tetherball!
This is one of the things I remember best about Lincoln Elementary - lots of tetherball action! Carter thought it was pretty fun too!
A cute smiley boy ;)
Boo had a pretty nice mix and match outfit going on. It worked pretty well!
I walked home from Margaret Leary for some exercise. Kyle (who can't say no to Legos), came back from Walmart with some new toys. Ave loves the Lego movie stuff...although I think we might have enough.
She did a fine job on the double decker couch. If you haven't seen the movie, you should. Very cute, very funny!
Another playdate. I didn't catch Nathan smiling here, but they had a great time. We are meeting them at C Street Park tomorrow after school!

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