Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Quiet week

We had a playdate day last week. Sam came over to play with Carter, and Korin came over to play with Avery. Korin and Teague were in the playhouse. I thought I took a picture, but I guess not. They all had lots of fun together though. They have some nice friends.
I have been a cheesecake making fool lately. Now that I know it's so easy, why not? I wish I could stop, but I can't!
A boring Saturday morning. Time to make a giant pillow/blanket circle in the kitchen and read books. What could be better?
We bought Big Hero 6 at Hastings and watched it together. I highly recommend it - we all love it!
Sunday night post bath/pre bedtime ice cream cones.
Carter also enjoyed one after his shower.
Teague decided to do a little excavating Monday morning.
There is a T-Rex in there somewhere! He was very careful with his tools.
Teague insisted on bringing home this St. Patrick's Day hat from Grandma Burgman's stash of decorations and attire. It makes him dance and dance!
Carter had to try it next!
Ave's turn! It kept falling over her eyes. Her dancing is quite vigorous :)

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