Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter!

Jordan looked gorgeous for Prom! I loved the blue dress on her. We are glad she could stop by. This is a really cute smiling picture.
Erica, Sean, Landon, and Hawkins were able to come in for a couple days for Easter. We were very glad to have them. Friday night was Easter egg dyeing night. You can tell Kyle is ready!
These two were quite happy to see each other as usual. I love when I say, "Big Boys Picture" - they just pose automatically!
Aww Teagie, he's a cute guy.
Jordan and Avery stayed decorating until the bitter end. They made some lovely eggs!
18 colors, ready to go.
Hawkins even got to decorate a couple. He really tried putting stickers on. He is the sweetest guy!
Teague quite enjoyed painting on glitter. He was a mess, but he's supposed to be right?
The finished products: lots of glitter, glaze, silly faces and hair, cool colors, and one duct taped egg that Kyle did (it was cracked!)
Erica and Hawkins walked over to my house the next morning, where Lando slept. Hawkins loved all the toys and the remnants of Teague's chocolate yogurt (as you can see by his shirt!) We watched him while Erica and Sean went to breakfast. He was an angel. I love this picture. He was squatting right on Ave's leg.
He eventually had his own chocolate yogurt and some Cheerios. Kyle fed him, and they would say "Mmmm" together when he was done. Hawkins loved Big Kyle.
These two could not get enough of Baby Hawkins.
Easter morning. The first thing Ave played with was her little Easter activity book. She likes a good word scramble.
3 baskets with bubbles, candy, and a movie. Some summer clothes and Legos. They are spoiled rotten, but were so happy!
Carter was dressed before he came out of his room in his cool new Easter clothes from Grandma Patsy. He enjoys looking snazzy! He opened his Ninjago set right away.
Teague got two new Bionicle guys. They are pretty cool big robots. He loves them!
Then we went over to Grandma and Papa's house, where they were spoiled again. They got some really cool stuff from them as usual, and so did Kyle and I. Thanks Madre and Padre!
Teague, Lincoln, and Hawkins got these hats. I absolutely love the way Teague looked in his.
Jordan and her little buddy. Not sure where Teague was looking, but it's still cute.
These two are very similar. They usually get along great.
4 lovely children ready to go find some eggs. Papa hid them before we arrived.
Hawkins has his basket too!
Ave found one!
Teague told Aunt Diane he really needed her help. They have always been pals! He loves going on the lazy river in Kalispell with her too. We were glad she got to come down and visit, and she didn't have to drive!
Hawkins was not too sure about the egg hunt, but he gave it a try. This confetti egg kind of weirded him out though!
Carterman in action. We probably should have put some water on that crazy hair in the morning, but he still looked fantastic.
Lando found quite a few in the tree. I'm loving this pose too!
Teague was getting a pretty full basket. In fact the handle broke on one side shortly after this!
A running Carter. He was really into it this year.
Hawkins in the play house. He looked very surprised when I opened the window!
My beautiful kids. They are the best.
Teague was super happy when it was time to open his eggs. His first one had an orange in it, and he loves oranges!
Another awesome Carter and Landon picture. I love this one!
Jordan was a little disturbed by how tall they are getting!
Auntie Erica spotted one for Teague.
Seriously, how cute does he look?
Two beautiful girls! They even looked like they color coordinated on purpose!
Mmm...Teague found pumpkin pancake in one egg! Papa is a goofball.
They all sat down and exchanged for the things they like. They had a lot to choose from: different candy, money, broccoli, carrots, blueberries, bacon, pancakes, oranges, and scrambled eggs!
Then the kids hid them for the adults. Erica did some searching with a SpongeBob Squarepants basket.
Kyle was the winner. He is very competitive!
Dad and Terri searching while Landon supervises.
Sean found one under the porch!
He wasn't a fan of the bunny ears really. He looked awfully cute in them though!
3 sisters!
My Carterman was in the paper for honor roll. So was Jordan for a 4.0. They are pretty cool!
We had some other visitors a bit later: Jamie, Liam, Nicole, Connor, Austin, Nancy, and Frank. Dad and Mom hid the eggs again, and the kids had a blast!
Teague would wear his Chewbacca sweatshirt every day if he could. Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa Barsness!
Connor and Avery had a good time hunting together. Ave really liked Teague's hat too. Dad said he'll get her one next time he's at Target.
Austin looks so grown up!
Hawkins loved Laney and Duke this weekend. He's very gentle with them, but he really wants to touch their noses!
I posted a few of these. They are all different in little ways, Teague's little look here kills me. They all looked so cute in their clothes though. Wish our buddy Link could have been there. He had a blast in ND though. Kels and Joe made a great Easter for him.
Hawkins is doing "Blue Steel" here.
So cute!
Family picture. We probably should have squeezed together a little more, but that's okay.
Erica and I. I'm glad she could visit and glad they made the trip back safely.
Cheesecake time. I got a new Springform pan and added a bit to the recipe. It turned out delicious luckily!
Sometimes when Teague can't fall asleep we read some of his favorite books. It works like a charm. I love how cuddly this boy still is.
Lastly, a boy and his Lego's. He was making Darth Vader's house. It has lots of "tech" as he says. He just talks and talks and is so happy! Hope everyone enjoyed their break!

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