Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Neither Mom or Terri ever like pictures of themselves, but that's too bad. We had to have a "ready to go to Phoenix" picture! Kyle and I drove them to Bozeman on Wednesday the 9th, and they were off! Everything went really well - flights, shuttles, taxi rides, concert, hotel...Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible!
Thursday was the concert. He played for almost 4 hours and was amazing! They had the best time! Friday they met a friend who is from Butte. She took them shopping and to some other fun places in Phoenix. Mom even got to watch the Giants play a couple innings. They are down there for spring training. She picked up lots of great Giants merchandise for all the grandkids. They came back Saturday morning. It was a quick trip, but one they will remember forever!
Teague can't decide if he's old enough to not nap or not. He always sleeps in the oddest ways.
Ave's teacher is retiring after this year and has been cleaning out some of her old classroom stuff. Ave got to bring Twister home. They all had some fun with it.
Teague finds it quite exhausting! He doesn't move his body to the easy spot. He really does get "twisted!"
I bought this for Avery for her Birthday. We've been slowly working on just this month. She had put it in her little desk at home and forgot about it. It's pretty fun! She likes looking up the state birds, trees, and flowers on Google Images to make sure we have everything right. Sometimes she reminds me a lot of me. I made a book when I was about 10 of all 50 states. It was made of notebook paper and stapled together. Good times!
Sometimes when we go for a walk to Mom and Dad's we swing by Terri's to see if Duke wants to come along. He's pretty funny when he goes for walks. These guys make sure Laney doesn't get too jealous! Not sure what Teague is doing here...
Time to get out the St. Patrick's Day things! Ave inventoried them by putting as much as possible on.
I love this shark bite blanket. It's hilarious!
Boo was looking beautiful on St. Patrick's Day. She looks good in green I think.
One of the best parts of St. Patrick's Day...the food! Yum yum yum!
Grandma getting some Birthday loves from her little buddies. Happy Birthday Mom! We had a quiet and nice evening together.
This little hat on this little head makes me laugh.
Time to sing to Grandma over some Birthday pie.
The weekend was actually really nice, about 50 degrees! St. Patrick's Day was very snowy. These two pretended they were having a beach day.
Carterman gave Papa a dollar to have this Duke hat. He looks good! He and I played a lot of baseball in the front yard. He's got a pretty good swing!
Hope no one is offended by Ave's batgirl underwear. I just looked over to see Laney cuddling up to her, and I thought it was so cute.
Kyle and I put some Lego shelves upstairs this weekend. They were starting to overtake our house! The kids were very helpful sorting out the various Lego sets. It's nice to see the top of our kitchen table again!
Ave, Laney, and I took a nice walk on the trail today. Avers always likes to stop and climb on this giant tree.
Teague made some delicious "mud steak with barbecue sauce" for me. I don't mind. He loves being outside, and so do I. I know it's going to get cold again, so we have to enjoy it while we can.

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