Sunday, April 24, 2016

Quiet week with lots of walks

Carter has been on a Birthday money spending spree! He is getting to the age where he really likes to pick out some stuff for himself. This is when he had pink eye also (I'm sure you can tell which eye!) He picked out some really cool Lego sets and of course, a Nerf gun. Thanks again to everyone who spoiled him! He received a card from Grandma Bonnie this Monday with some money. Thanks Bonnie! His mind is racing. What else could he possibly need?
Spring has been gorgeous for the last couple weeks. It's rainy and possibly snowy now. That's okay though. I want a nice green yard! We've taken a lot of walks lately. Carter and Kyle were at baseball practice, so Ave, Teague, Laney, and I went for a walk. We stopped and grabbed our buddy Duke too.
3 weirdos checking out what's going on outside.
It was a whopping 55 degrees out last weekend. Avery thought this was tank top/skort weather. She, Teague, and I walked on the trail to Father Sheehan park. We met Carter and Kyle there.
They always have to throw rocks in the water when we go this way.
Only Ave could pull off the stripes of every color look.
Teague had to take a little rest. I tickled his neck to make him smile. This is pretty cute.
These kids love to swing! That's pure joy on Teague's face!
My big boy looks pretty happy too!
Avers gets some major air!
A nice walk home on the trail. We fed the ducks and checked out the moon.
All this exercise wears a girl out. I like her t-shirt/slipper combo. She is almost done with dance, and we started softball last week. I'm helping coach her team. Her first practice was really fun!
Carter had practice at Clark's Park the other day. These two came with me and played for 2 hours.
Terri had her 50th Birthday on Earth Day, the 22nd! Avery made her a huge sign that we all signed. Teague is doing a pretty good job with his name!
Terr would hate if I posted a picture of her, but here is her cake. Jordan and I made a nice 50 on top.
I decorated with streamers. Ave blew up Star Wars balloons. She had me only hang up blue and green since it was Earth Day. Happy Birthday to Auntie Terri!
Kyle has been telling the kids how cool it would be to get a Millennium Falcon. Well he got his wish. Carter and Ave pitched in some money for it. Avery just loves to build stuff. She and Kyle did a great job with it.
Avery watched the New Star Wars movie and thought the girl Jedi, Rey, was really cool. She asked me to fix her hair like Rey's, so we did. I was never a huge Star Wars fan, but I'm getting into it. It's very interesting! There are worse things than liking Star Wars, Super Heroes, boy bands, Harry Potter etc...
Ave, Laney, and I took a girls' walk yesterday before it started to rain. We found a random daffodil on the trail in the middle of a bunch of dead grass. It was very pretty!
She really wanted some good pictures of it!
I had to put this up for Uncle Carl. I saw this meme yesterday on Facebook, and it reminded me of all the times Dad tried to put out your eye. I know two times for sure - the arrow and the helicopter! Glad you have both eyeballs. We all had a good laugh at it!
The finished Millennium Falcon. It is huge! They love it!

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