Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Baseball/Softball Season

Kyle played in the second annual Cops vs. Firemen basketball game - "Guns vs. Hoses." The Police lost, but that's okay. It's for a good cause. There was a really good crowd, and Kyle actually shot this year. He was 2-2 on free throws, and 1-2 on 3 pointers! These guys were very proud of him!
Ave found her One Direction makeup kit. I don't wear any makeup but mascara really, but I tried to give her the look she wanted.
Her eyes and lips were gorgeous! She's even wearing a One Direction shirt from Auntie Kelsie. They really need to come back from hiatus.
We took a nice, but chilly walk on the trail with Papa. They all got along! We were being nature trackers (with ninja type moves!)
We saw two sets of goslings, the first ones of the year! We kept our distance though. Dad has been attacked by birds before...not sure what he did to them in a past life.
It's nice to have our walking buddy back again. We made it to the pond with this light, cloudy sky.
Then we hustled back. This sky was looking a bit threatening!
Oops, one more. I know it's hard to see, but there is a little river otter there right in the center. We saw two of them on our walk. They are so cute and so tiny!
Dad made this sign for the kids, but it said "Freaks at Play." Ave edited it and gave it back to him. He was fine with it!
It was beautiful weekend, and we didn't feel like sitting in the house. Abb, Jord, Teague, Ave, and I decided to head up to Maud S. Canyon. It was a great day, and we spent 2 and a half hours up there!
This is Teague's "relaxing" face. He's a goofball.
We made it to the top! Teague was pretty sure this sign said, "Congratulations! You made it!"
I love this view.
My two little hikers. I only had to carry Teague for about 15 minutes all together. I was pretty impressed by him. Ave, of course, pretty much led the whole way. She is a trooper!
I love going up there. Ave wanted to go last weekend too, but we just lost track of time.
With their buddy Jocko.
Teague had to stop and draw some arrows before we headed back down. I got a picture of Ave, Jord, and Abb. I like the snowy Highlands behind them.
We got back just in time to be ambushed by these two light saber wielding guys.
Carter is playing 9-10 year old baseball this year. Ave is in 7-8 softball. They are both loving it so far! I am helping coach Avery's team. I'm a little surprised by how much she likes it! It's been fun!
They must get nicer uniforms the older they get. Carter's is super nice this year! He has gotten blue three years in a row the lucky kid.
Carter playing shortstop.
Kyle helps when he can. This game was at 4 o'clock so he came up right from Butte High. You don't see a lot of policemen in full uniform catching! Carter walked twice and struck out once. The pitchers are pretty tall and fast this year. He's been a little hesitant to swing, but that's okay.
My Mother's Day present from Kyle and the kids. I have never really been able to grow grass in the back corner of our yard. So, we dug it up! Kyle and I used a pick axe and a shovel, added 7 bags of top soil, 2 of miracle grow, and ta-da! I can't wait to grow vegetables back there. I'm going to put the ones that really like to spread out. Pumpkins, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, etc...
Got a few ready to go. I'm going to wait a couple weeks though.
We had a great day, gardening and watching the new Captain America movie. I really am spoiled. I just love these kiddos. Happy Mother's Day to all my wonderful family too - Mom, Erica, Kelsie, Terri, Diana, Bonnie, Alison, Clarabelle, Mary Jo, and so many more! Hope you guys had a wonderful Sunday. You deserve it!
This is why I waited on the vegetable planting! My poor lilac bushes look really sad today. Spring in Montana!

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