Sunday, May 22, 2016

Teague Graduated/Dance Review time!

This boy is ready to graduate from Preschool! I showed him a few different shirts. He specifically asked for this one and asked if he could borrow one of Carter's ties. He looked good!
Here they come! They sang some really cute songs I'd never heard before.
He looked a little nervous at first! They also did their ABC's, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, and counted to 10 in Spanish. I really like his teacher Gina. She has been there for all 3 of my kids, and she's so nice. I can't believe I will have 3 kids at Emerson next year!
He made it! He waved a couple times to us. He saw Grandma come in and Terri move to the corner. He was very happy his Daddy made it too.
Teague and Brooklyn. Geah and I can't believe our babies are this old already.
What a happy face! I was very proud of him. He did a great job!
We went to Buffalo Wild Wings after a painful Avery softball game. She did fine; she just had nothing to do! The other teams' coaches wanted to "develop their pitchers." These girls are 7&8! It was 4 innings worth of walks instead of coach pitch. Oh well. That's the only team that's done that thus far. We saw a cute bunny outside anyway!
This guy had really cool hair one morning. It's probably about time for a haircut!
What most mornings are like. Carter stays in his room to get dressed. Ave sits on the couch to watch Scooby Doo while she eats her granola bar, and Laney always cuddles with her.
Teague picked out a little graduation present of Darth Vader. It looks pretty cool when he is wearing his Darth pajamas too.
Carter went with my parents to North Dakota for the weekend. I promised these two they could do something fun while he was gone. We ended up going swimming at the Y two days in a row.
2 skinny little happy kids.
Sunday was the perfect day to do something indoors. It was pouring here!
They swam for over 2 hours. It made them actually go to sleep on Sunday night - usually that is a challenge!
Kelsie sent me a few photos from the North Dakota trip. They took a little adventure to Teddy Roosevelt National Park. I heard these two got along fabulously the whole time!
 3 cool cousins. I bet they had a lot of fun!
 Such a cute picture! Carter absolutely loves to go visit. We were not going to let him miss school, but he's a good boy. He just got another award for his Straight A's.
When he came back, it was his Spring Program. That is him on the end of the middle bleacher. It's not a good picture unfortunately. It was super cute though. It was 3rd-6th. Carter's class had 50s hits - some Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, etc... The 5th graders made me laugh so hard. They did Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen complete with headbanging. It was very entertaining! Thanks for coming Terr, Jord, and Grandma!
It's Dance Review time again. Ave took two classes this year: tumbling and jazz. She loves tumbling! This was her costume for that. I loved it!
Ave and her buddy Jordan at dress rehearsal. The lights at the Mother Lode do not make pictures easy. It's still cute though!
Her jazz dance was to "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid. Her costume was beautiful!
My fellow volleyball coaches, Geah and Katrina, also have dancing daughters. We got a picture of them all together after the first show. They have scary eyes, but I still like their poses. Avery really likes Mikenzie, Brooklyn, and Reece! They all play at practice sometimes.
Teague was having a Nutella snack at home the other day. I caught him doing this before he'd take a bite. I think he was praising it maybe? It is tasty! He's a goofball. He wanted to try a different kind of yogurt the other day. I said, "Well, is it delicious?" He replied, "It is Mom. It's almost... too delicious." He makes me laugh!
Dance night number 2! We found Jord before the show. She looked beautiful!
Ave and her buddy Abbey Jean, who brought her some lovely yellow flowers. She got very spoiled and had lots of people to cheer her on. She is very lucky to have such wonderful aunts, cousins, and Grandparents! A big thank you to Dick and Diana for traveling in the rain to come watch!
After the show. Jord still has her company show in June, which I'm happy about. She was so good this year and so fun to watch!
We had a nice dinner at Fred's the other night. We said we were destined to sit at this table. What a cool old poster next to my cool oldest son!
My house smells so good right now! She smells all these flowers everyday!
Laney and I took a very rainy walk yesterday. She was happy though! It was kind of cool looking out.

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