Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July did fly!

Every once in awhile, these guys spot the excavating kit. I figure they should dig out the whole T Rex skeleton by 2020. I like that Teague borrowed Carter's swimming goggles since the kit only came with one set.
These bums love to sleep in. It's going to be a big change when school starts!
We have had some gorgeous sunsets this year. I love being on the trail and seeing the different views on all sides.
Sunset walks are our favorites. Laney loves to walk, and it's way too hot for her during the day.
So pretty!
We decided to get out of the house a couple weekends ago and venture out to Sheepshead. We knew it had a picnic area and lake. It's been a long time since we've been up there, probably 10 years!
They were ready for an adventure!
There is a simple joy in throwing rocks in a lake. Everyone likes it!
Kyle was teaching them how to skip rocks. Carter really wanted to figure it out.
The other side of the lake. It was a beautiful day.
It started off a little cool and then warmed up quickly. Carter lost the sweatshirt shortly after this picture.
Teague found the biggest sticks he could to throw in.
The far side of the lake had lots of erosion. Ave thought these exposed tree roots were pretty cool.
Teague checking out a little pond built by old beaver dams.
Teague got tired of course. Kyle got a good workout.
There were lots of cute little bridges and information signs about wildlife. Carter found them very interesting.
I asked Kyle to take one to prove I was there. I look very squinty, but that's okay. We had a great time.
The picnic area is awesome. We should bring food up there sometime. We had some water and granola bars to wind down after our trek.
One more picture. Look at those huge BBQ pits in the back!
Teague being Teague - wearing an empty chip bag on his head and threatening me with an otter pop.
My basil and dill went crazy this year! I was very happy with them. I dried out the dill, and then I made two batches of pesto with the basil. Mmm...
A very blurry full moon picture. It looked absolutely huge coming up over the mountains.
Teague still plays with all his toys. Just when I think he's grown out of something, like Octonauts, this happens. He really likes to organize them.
Carterman and his buddy Duke. Duke is wearing a new Duke Blue Devils bandanna. He was looking good.
These kids love the sprinkler!
We made a quick stop at Evel Dayz on Sunday. I am not really a motorcycle fan, but they had a family zone up at the Original. They had some stunt dogs there who were super fun to watch. I should have zoomed in, but this dog was balancing on her back. There were also agility dogs and jumping dogs. I have some videos to upload.
Look at this move!
We got a picture with the jumping dog, Doc Holiday, afterwards. Very cool!
They also had little kid carnival rides. Carter was too tall, but he took it well.
We took a trip to the library last week too. Teague was a building fool.
He, Ave, and I collaborated on this dinosaur village. Carter was checking out the newest Wild Kratts episode on the computer.
I hope they grow up to love books like I do!
My dad's 60th Birthday was on the 27th. Erica, Kelsie, and I got him some new shoes that he wanted. We also made him a meaty dinner! I had my kids answer some questions about him while they were all in separate rooms. The answers really made me laugh!
For 60 years, you have to have 60 candles!
The heat was intense! Ha ha! Happy Birthday Dad!

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