Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trip to Watford City!

We headed out on our trip to Watford City Thursday night. We wanted to make it to Billings and stay there. Friday morning, the kids woke up early to hit the hotel pool. They loved it!
We bought them some floaties. I know we still need to do more swimming lessons, but the floaties are great when you are outnumbered by kids!
Carterman heading to the top of the waterslide. The two waterslides they had there were fun! We all went down a bunch of times.
Carter loved it!
A boy and his Dad chilling.
We made it Watford City. Erica's house is gorgeous, and the town is very nice. We took a little walk together (all 14 of us!) to a little playground in their area. Landon was teaching Carter about Pokémon Go.
Papa wanted some more steps, so he, Kyle, Teague, Carter, and Landon went off road. It was a hot, pretty day.
6 kids all looking at the camera! It's like seeing a unicorn! This makes me laugh!
We sat out on the deck most nights. It's very comfortable. Link's motorized car was a hit with all the little kids. Ave and Lincoln are buddies.
Hawkins is kind of obsessed with videos. At least they are educational! He was making himself comfortable on the deck.
Then he made himself even more comfortable!
Teague tried his best to get him to look away and play peek-a-boo. He does love that game!
This hammock is pretty awesome. It can hold up to 500 pounds. Kels and Ave were nowhere near that. They made a nice double headed banana!
Watford City has a great outdoor pool. It is perfect for little kids. I got a couple pictures before I got in. Kyle and his girl hanging out. I love this picture.
Better add in my little Teagie Pie!
Link is definitely a water baby. He loves it there!
The pool had two waterslides. Avery, Carter, and Landon went on them all afternoon!
My big boy had a blast.
The three water slide amigos!
Avers plugging her nose
They would wait for each other at the bottom to splash!
Hawkins decided he really liked the baby slide. Erica got a workout following him all over!
Good catch Auntie Kelsie!
My Teague enjoyed it too!
Look at that happy face!
After the pool we stopped for some delicious ice cream at the Wild Cow. It was tasty!
Hawkins quite enjoyed his. I love that blonde hair.
A naked chauffeur!
On Sunday we took a trip to Medora, ND. It is about an hour and fifteen minutes away. It is kind of like Virginia City. Erica said they had a kid zone, and our kids had the best time there! This huge inflatable waterslide was pretty amazing. Here is Carter heading down.
Little tiny Lincoln tried it too! He only went once, but he was very brave.
I like his stride here! Carter was waiting for him like a nice cousin.
Avery experimented until she found the fastest way to go. Very streamlined.
Landon's turn!
Teague's turn! This was Teague's favorite thing he's maybe ever done. I think he went down 30 times!
He loved it! He would get up, run, and fall on accident (or purpose!) and laugh and laugh!
Baby Hawkins had a good time in the sandbox. He also observed everyone else doing all the activities. He's a laidback, easygoing guy.
Two little buddies.
These two were king and queen of the waterslide. I made them give me a quick pose before they ran back up again!
Carter and Landon really enjoyed launching water balloons at each other.
They both had pretty good aim!
They also had fun dumping water on each other.
They finally tried the trampoline too. Carter went the whole three minutes, but it wore him out!
Landon got some major air, but he didn't like how the belt rubbed him.
Ave was in heaven. She did about 10 backflips and after a few attempts, got 2 front flips in!
Action shot!
The big boys tried the rock wall too. Landon was doing awesome, but looked down and got too nervous. Carter barely tried. It's not his thing. Ave is such a monkey, and she has good upper body strength. She made it look easy!
I was watching my Teagie man jump and jump and watching Ave at the same time.
She made it! Mom said there was a point that Ave's feet slipped and she just held herself up by her hands until she got back on. They were impressed.
Time to rappel down. Sean hurried in to move Hawkins out of the way. He wanted to give it a try!
Joe and Link hitting the sand one more time. It was a really neat place. The people who worked there were really friendly too. The guy at the water balloon stand helped soak Carter and Landon a few times!
Lincoln had a great time dancing his skinny butt around in the outdoor shower.
We had a tasty lunch then headed off to explore. Mom, Sean, and Erica took Carter and Landon miniature golfing. Dad, Kyle, and I took Teague, Ave, and Hawkins to this cool little playground. Kels, Joe, and Link headed back. He was worn out.
Ave and Hawkins found a little shade luckily. It was 95 degrees!
Teague really loves his little cousins.
It was too hot. I've never seen Ave sweat like that. We found some shade in a sandbox. Hawkins found extra shade in a bucket. Then we decided we should get something cold.
A very cute little ice cream/fudge shop. It was just what we needed!
Four happy kids!
I should have taken more pictures of the town. The buildings there were really neat, especially the courthouse. This is where we ate lunch.
Papa under the Custer Trail sign.
On the way back we were about 10 miles behind Sean, Erica, Hawkins, Landon, and Dad. They completely missed a huge rainstorm, lightning, and hail. We pulled over to call in this fire. We could see the lightning striking the ground to our right.
It spread this much in about 1 minute. Luckily the rain picked up and seemed to put it out. We saw the firetrucks coming though.
I took a slow motion video and got this picture of the lightning. Crazy!
We chilled on the porch that night with a little entertainment from DJ Hey What?!
They had some beautiful sunsets while we were there. Cool clouds and bright stars too.
Hawkins tried to help the robot vacuum by flipping it on it's back. He really wants to figure out how it works I think.
Lincoln loved to sit on Papa and laugh and laugh in the morning. He's such a little goofball!
Hawkins cooling off by throwing rocks in their little pool.
He did a great job bringing people drinks, until he almost fell in!
Link loves Big Kyle. Every morning he would say, "Hey Kyle, I got your blankie." They have a good time together.
We headed back Tuesday morning. I am so glad we made it there this summer. We had a great time, and I love just hanging out with my family! They spoiled us too. I will make sure to make some yummy dinners when they come here this weekend! We made a stop at Olive Garden for a late lunch/dinner. Teague really enjoyed it. He saw me take this picture and said, "Now put #boyamIreallyhungry!" He's delightfully weird! He also kept saying to Kyle, "That's a good lookin debit card you got there."
Finally the face of a boy who knows how to guilt trip his mother. First on our way into Billings, "I know you are going to say no about where I want to eat - Chuck E. Cheese." He was right. Then later, "I know you are going to say no, but I'd really like to stop at Toys R Us." He got his way once!

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