Monday, September 5, 2016

Last day of freedom!

It's the last day before school! I can't believe it. Anyway, this picture pretty much shows their personalities - all weird, but pretty happy.
We took the volleyball team for a hike up to the Mount Con for a change of pace. Here is Carter giving Katrina some of his coaching strategies.
We made it to the Granite Mountain. That place is so amazing and sad.
The views from the picnic area are pretty great.
These two were having a great time trying to recognize buildings.
Two boys taking a little rest.
We found a little playground off the trail. We spent a good three hours up there all together.
My monkey child.
Ave and Kyle had a cuddly morning together one Sunday.
Laney joined in. Those three look very comfortable in my blanket.
Time to make some salsa. It wasn't the best year in the garden, but the tomatoes (especially the golden cherry tomatoes) and the jalapenos did well!
One last 80 degree day! Time to hit the Splash Pad. Teague all of a sudden decided to be brave too!
He's not quite there yet. He watched Carter and Ave get soaked a few times first.
Here it comes!
He was a dancing fool that day. I loved it!
There we go! The first time it got him, his shorts almost fell down. This time he was prepared!
Carter really loved it this year.
My Carterman is starting little guy football this year. Kyle is coaching. I hope he has a blast. So far their practices have gone well. He has lots of friends from school on the team. Watching him try and get this equipment on and off was pretty hilarious!
Dad and I had a vegetable day. We baked some cabbage with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I also made eggplant and zucchini parmesan fries. Quite delicious! The spaghetti squash is being eaten tonight.
We've been trying to have some fun final days before school. We went to the Y last week to burn off some energy. They swam and swam.
I can't ever get all of them to look at me at the same time anymore.
Carter realized he was easily tall enough for the slide. He loved it!
Yesterday I persuaded Kyle to go to Bozeman. We hit Wheat Montana in Three Forks up for a "little" snack. Carter quite enjoyed a bit of a caramel roll!
We made a trip to the Museum of the Rockies first. We hadn't been there all summer. They always love it and are truly fascinated by the fossils.
First we got a nice overhead view.
Avery reads every sign. She wants to know exactly what happened to each dinosaur.
The interactive screens were working finally. Teague and Ave enjoyed this little game. Kyle looks pretty happy too!
Carter and I put the dinosaurs where they were found in Montana.
Teague really liked the Mosasaurus fossil. It was his favorite marine reptile from Jurassic World!
Three kids and the biggest T Rex skeleton ever found!
It really is an amazing place. Look at those T.Rex teeth!
They liked the video showing how birds are living dinosaurs.
I had to get a close-up. Ave asked if Grandma T. Rexes have even shorter arms. Ha ha ha!
The travelling exhibit this year was about the Villas of Oplontis near Pompeii. It was 8km from Mount Vesuvius. It was rumored to be the summer villa of Nero's 2nd wife. About 45 bodies were preserved there under the ash along with many artifacts. Here are some of the original frescos along with a reenactment of how the private room would have looked. It really was amazing.
This is where the wine merchant sold his merchandise.
One skeleton must have been a wealthy woman. She had 29 different coins with her along with the most expensive jewelry they have found there.
Here is some of the jewelry found. The workmanship of everything was amazing. Everything has little intricate carvings of Roman gods.
The entrance to the villa had two matching busts of Hercules.
My kids thought it was really cool that this statue was named Nike. Now they know that she was the Goddess of Victory.
Time to build their own column
Oh yeah, looking good.
Taking a rest in the bench room.
They always love the Yellowstone exhibit, especially making the geysers blow.
Teagle and his eagle.
Two eagles!
Doing a little fishing. Judging by her face, Ave has a big one on the line!
He kept trying to fly fish. He's dangerous.
Lastly a trip to Target for more clothes and then some Olive Garden. I hope they are ready for school tomorrow!

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