Monday, August 10, 2009

Another fun summer week!

Kyle's friend Loren decided to buy Guitar Hero World Tour for us. Thanks Loren! We've had a good time playing it. Carter really likes the drum sticks. It was the first thing he asked for Sunday morning. "Where's my drumsticks?". Abbey helped him rock out on Saturday night! Abbey's quite good at the drums.

Jordan acted all shy at first, but then she called Terri to come watch her sing!
Callie and my babies had a great time hanging out together. Carter even let Callie get him dressed that morning! She and Avery had a good time playing on the floor too. It's always so nice to have Callie around - we miss her being in Butte with us.
Poor Frost must be sad he missed out on this. Look at Kyle's rock face! These nerds were up until 5 am playing this game. It was so fun to see Treavor and Loren - it's been about two years since we last saw them at Loren's wedding.
I have no idea what was going on here. We went out on Friday night and ended up at the Vu. We sat around a table, had some drinks, and laughed a lot!
Me and my pal Callie.
A rather dark picture of Erica, Treavor, and Loren with a pitcher. The point is...we had fun!
Now on to baby pictures. Carter has decided that when he drives his CARS book, Avery needs to drive the Thomas book. She has a lot of fun accidentally pushing the buttons!
Avery is really starting to get into all of Carter's toys. She stole his camera here and decided to try and eat it!
I could not get a great picture of both of them saying Cheese with their "two-colored" string cheese. They are such little goofballs!
Here's a couple swimming lessons pictures. The boys like to sit on the slide and put their hand and footprints on there. You can see Landon's excellent foot kick!
Here's our jumping boys. They are not the best pictures, but you get the idea. When Carter jumps off the wall, he says "To infinity and beyond!".
There's Landon swimming for his grapes. He likes to throw them and swim after them. Carter has a salt and pepper shaker that he throws.
Here's Carter's other favorite thing to do...ride the horsey. That what the teacher calls it anyway. The salt and pepper shaker is in his hand.
We took a nice little walk to Clark's Park to play last week. Avery just loved looking at everything. She liked the horsey swings with Jordan especially!
Look at this face! Sometimes I cannot stand how cute he can be.
Avery was not sure about this swing. She's still a bit too small. She was holding on for dear life!
When she watched the boys swing, her eyes would flutter really fast! She just did not know what they were doing!
I love Landon's face in this picture. He is laughing so hard!
Poppa would stand in front of Carter and pretend Carter was knocking him over. As you can imagine, this thrilled my little violent boy to no end!
This is just to show how tall she's getting. Look at those legs hanging out of her dress. She should be growing, the girl loves oat cereal, rice cereal, veggies, and fruit. She can't get enough!
I can't look at this without laughing. Those are her 4th of July glasses that Grandma found. She'll tolerate them for about 10 seconds!

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