Sunday, October 23, 2016

Watford Visitors

Teague likes to steal my phone at games and take many strange pictures. This is him and one of our players, Jenna. She is always very nice to him.
I thought this was a cute picture. He took one of Grandma Burgman and Michele doing the score and clock. They make great partners!
Carter played his Little Guy Football Jamboree on Wednesday night up at Tech. They won two and lost one. They even beat the unbeaten team! They had a lot of fun, and we had fun watching them. They had a football pizza party on Friday, and every boy wants to play next year. I'm glad they had such a good time. Carter ended up really loving it. It was all he talked about all night.
Two of his football buddies, Ethan and Colby. Both their Dads helped Kyle coach when they could too. They are good kids.
One picture of father/son, coach/player. I thought they both did a great job!
One of the write-ups from the Butte Sports website. Carterman got his name in for one of the games. He loved it!
My sisters and nephews came in for the long weekend. We had a lot of fun and ate lots of tasty food. Kels and I had all the vegetables (purple potatoes, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts) ready to roast, but Dad helped us halve the spaghetti squash in a very manly way.
Uncle Yaya put Hawkins to sleep one night. It was super cute.
There's the silly boy peeking at me around the playhouse. He's definitely not as shy as he used to be!
We went for a little walk down to Hastings, which has now closed (Sadness!). Hawkins kept giving Carter imaginary things that he would pick up. Carter loved it.
6 cousins by the pretty tree. I can't even look at Teague without laughing. What is that face? Ha ha ha!
We decided to head over to the Bozeman Straw Bale Maze. We haven't been to it for four years, and we missed the Grant Kohr's Ranch Pumpkin Sunday this year. The four big kids were ready to go.
One group photo. Erica, Kelsie, Hawkins, and Lincoln were about a half an hour behind.
We separated into teams. Ave and I were together. She enjoyed marking off all the colors on her postcard. If you found all four color stations, you got a treat afterwards.
They made it. Hawkins was not too sure about all that hay at first!
Lincoln wanted to hold both Kelsie and Avery's hands.
Kyle (with Hawkins on his shoulders) lead us out of the maze. He, Carter, Ave, and I had made it out earlier but went back in when Kels and Erica arrived. The maze was shaped like a train, and it was huge! We had a blast finding our way around in there.
I wanted a picture of Hawkins up on Kyle's shoulders. Apparently I got one right when Kyle had an itchy nose.
They really loved the corn tubs.
This picture makes me laugh. They are happy kids!
This one kills me. I love Link's pose.
He was laying upside down while me and Kelsie tickled him. I bet he had corn everywhere! I know Ave found some in her socks before bedtime.
They tried to bury Carter in corn.
Hawkins liked to let it run through his hands. He's such an easy going guy.
Tractor ride time!
I couldn't get everyone in one picture because we were separated. It was a beautiful night for some fall fun though!
Kels got this one of me, my girl, and my silly buddy.
My seesters and Hawkins. He has some gorgeous eyes.
So does this little fella.
Ave was tickling him, and he loved it. Avery is every kid's friend.
They all actually looked at us. I love this picture!
I love this one too. Erica took off Hawkin's hood, but he stayed posing!
They had a really old tractor there for some photo ops also.
My handsome baby
Link was giving it his all, but that wheel was hard to turn!
Carterman has the best smiles in all these pictures. I love it!
Getting their treats at the treat station. Erica and Kelsie continued on to Billings afterwards. I'm so glad we got to have a nice visit. I hope we see them again soon!
Today I took a nice Autumn walk with Laney and these two goofballs. It was such a perfect day.
This bench looked like a nice place to take a picture, and it was!

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