Friday, June 9, 2017

Dance, Sunburst Trip, and Graduation!

Happy Birthday Auntie Terri! We had a delicious cake and some tuna casserole for her birthday - always a favorite of everyone!
This kid sleeps in the weirdest positions all the time!
My girl was ready for her recital. She complains basically the entire year about dance, but she puts on quite a show. Her tumbling costume was pretty sparkly.
The drive-in is open! Yay! We watched Guardians of the Galaxy Pt. 2 out there and loved it! Ave fell asleep as usual, and Carter lost his wallet. Luckily it was found with all his birthday money in it two days later. The kid has good karma.
Game night up at the Zahler house is always fun for everyone. Here's Ave and her buddy Reece running with bubble wands.
Their dog Duke adores kids and loves when we are all there.
Hot tub party!
This is just so my Dad. He's a strange man, but in the best way.
Even a 10 year old needs a nap sometimes. Baseball has a tendency to wear my Carterman out.
Jordan brings Clue over to play with these guys, and they love it! Who doesn't love Clue? I kind of forgot how fun it was.
Sunshine and a smoothie makes my Teagie Pie quite happy.
My girl in her jazz costume. I don't think she'll take a "dance" class again. It's just not her thing, but she was great in her dance. It was a super cute song/dance/costume!
These two always seem to be touching when they sleep in the same bed.
This is what Teague does at the baseball/softball games, explore the fields and make me take pictures of him. He said he does want to try baseball next year though!
We made a quick trip up to Sunburst to wish Grandma Diana a "Happy Retirement" from teaching!They had a nice party at the school for the three retiring teachers, and we made it up in time to have some cake and visit before it was over. We went back to Dick and Diana's for dinner, and Chris and Aly brought their new dog over. She's a labradoodle and is a big silly, hairy puppy. The kids loved her.
Carter had to get her riled up of course!
They always love to see all the books and craft stuff Grandma has at the house. They thought this pirate book was really funny.
We made a trip out to the farm on Saturday. It was very green and beautiful there. Here are my three turkeys on Grandma Bonnie's porch.
We got to see Josie! She's the same old, same old Jos, which we were happy to see.
Satuday night was our trip to Canada. Kyle and I finally remembered to bring birth certificates, so we decided to head up for some Chinese food for dinner. We stopped outside Milk River at this visitor's center that has some fun climbing rocks and a giant T-Rex!
Action photo of Teague running!
They could have played here for hours!
A little info for you:
Goofy kids.
I love this picture! They stood on a picnic table, and I got down so it looked like they were being chased. Their individual poses kill me here!
I made Kyle stand by it to show how big it is. He obliged with a Forrest Gump wave.
Kaden jumped in there when he arrived!
Four happy kids eating good food and feeling fancy with their waters.
Kyle's happy place: Canadian candy everywhere!
Carter found out these little candies were called Sunbursts. What a coincidence!
This made me laugh.
It was Mother's Day Sunday, and Ave brought her present from school up  to Sunburst. It was a painted jar filled with reasons why she loves me. It made me very happy. She's a sweet girl. She also amuses me. The bottom one reads " I love you because you even put up with me!"
We had a little fun down at the Elementary School playground before we took off. It was a quick trip, but we had fun. We need to get up there again soon for a longer visit.
Dance night #1! Ave and her buddies Reece and Brooklyn. They are awesome dancers!
I can't believe Jordan is a senior. I'm really going to miss watching her next year. We still have the company show and Vegas though!
I love this picture. Two of my favorite girls in the world!
Someone got spoiled! My house smelled wonderful for a couple weeks! Thanks to Callie, Dick, Diana, Leena, Nicole, Mom, Terri, Abbey, and everyone else who came to watch my girl and Jordan.
The volleyball Moms' dancing girls: Ave, Kenzie, Braelyn, Brooklyn, and Reece.
Jordan's graduation party was a lot of fun. She had a party with three of her friends: Chelbie, Sadie, and Hannah. I absolutely love this picture of her with her little buddies, and I also absolutely can't believe she's out of high school!
We got some really terrible news on the 30th. My friend Alex Thatcher died in an accident in Miles City. She would have been 24 this month. I coached her in volleyball years ago, along with her sisters Hattie and Baylee. Their dad Chunky was my brother's boss and second father for seven years. I absolutely hate that this happened to a family that I love so much. Leena and I went for a hike just to get out of Butte for a little bit and clear our heads. Then we went to visit the Thatchers. They are a strong, close family, and I know they will be there for each other. There is just way too much sadness in this world. There are still good times though, and always will be. 
Carter's baseball "practice" was to go to the new baseball stadium and watch our Butte team play. We all decided to go, and we had a lot of fun. The new stadium is at Copper Mountain and has a really cool view. They played well too. Carter was with his team having a ball. That was not an on-purpose pun, but I'll go with it.
On Memorial Day weekend, we went out to see my grandparents' graves. In all of Butte, how weird is it that Grandma and Grandpa Connors and Grandma and Grandpa Burgman ended up right next to each other? Carter was nervous. He was afraid he would be too sad, but he ended up thinking it was a nice, peaceful place. Teague and Ave were very intrigued by the place. It was a nice visit though.
We had to get a picture in the evening sun in our favorite giant tree on the trail. It was a beautiful night.
We took a picture at the KC after Alex's funeral. I know that it seems kind of morbid, but I know I look back and appreciate who was there for us. I am lucky to know some great ladies.
This is how I think of Jord when she was little. A bright blonde, hilarious, animal lover. 18 years goes awfully quickly.
There she is crossing the stage: salutatorian, honor student. She's the best!
Another one of Jord and her little pals.
We are all very proud of her!
This is a super cute picture.
The proud parents! Congrats again Jord! So glad you are hanging around Butte for a bit.
My handsome baby trying on her hat.
Another gorgeous night on the trail. I love the sunset.
Teague and his collecting sticks drives me crazy. I suppose there are a lot worse things he could be doing though! Sorry this took so long. May was just an insanely busy month!

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