Friday, June 9, 2017

School's out!

It's hard to believe, but school is out for summer! I had to get a couple pictures of my kids and their buddies on the last day. Korin and Ave have a picture like this every year! They really are good friends.
Teague and his friend Nico (and his sister snuck in there!) I can't believe my little guy will be in first grade next year!
Carterman and his buddy Nate. They are going to be in 5th grade! That's crazy!
Kels came in to town with Lincoln and Hawkins. Erica was at a teacher conference in Fargo. Landon stayed with Joe because he had basketball camp. These three little guys on Ave's bed watching Despicable Me made me laugh.
This little guy was an angel for us. He played and ate and sang and slept well. He really liked our two Bumbles that sang Christmas songs.
 We met a bunch of cousins at the Splash Pad the day after school got out. It was a perfect day for it - 80 degrees!
Carter, Avery, Teague, and Liam are all under the bucket!
Carterman always enjoys the water park!
There he is running into the spray. He said he never missed one in the hour we were there!
Drea and Terri Jo are in from Alaska! Drea and Liam always get along well together.
Teague has a brand new love of the water. He was an absolute maniac at the Splash Pad!
Link and Hawkins weren't too into it as you can see...
Nicole was happy to see Miss Drea!
My girl got a little too much sun on this day unfortunately.
A nice bag of goldfish always perks this guy right up. He loves his buddy "A.B." also.
Liam poking his head out of the umbrella.
When Kels saw that I was going to take a picture, she did this pose to make her arms look good. Success!
Carter, Connor, Drea, Liam, and Teague having a wonderful time together!
Happy cousins picture! Austin, Drea, Liam, Connor, Link, Ave, Hawkins, Carter, and Teague.
Some little guy was tired after our trip to the park. Ave read him a lot of books, and he passed out. She looks pretty tired too!
Another Ave and Hawkins picture. I love her face here. She just laughs at this silly guy.
Fairmont trip! I wanted a few pictures before I got in the water. It looks like Kels has quite a brood here!
Happy people in the water. It was pretty windy out there, but we had a lot of fun.
Ave and her little buddies!
Kyle taught Hawkins how to talk like Little Jon (a rapper). Hawkins loved it! I'm sure Erica does too.
The only two girl cousins - they've got to stick together!
Link happily bouncing about! He makes me laugh! He has a pretty awesome new haircut too.
Kels getting attacked by a squirt gun, which she totally deserved!
Deep thoughts with Ave, Carter, and Hawkins.
Hawkins calls me "Auntie Mawna", and I like it.
I like this picture. I know my eyes are closed, but the little boys make me laugh.
Ave plopped herself on Jord and made herself comfortable.
Last ones in the pool - my three, Abb, and Jord. So far, summer 2017 is awesome!

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