Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bath Fun and More!

Carter truly enjoys his bath. You can tell he was having a most delightful time splashing his Daddy!

I love this picture. I love how you can see the water flying everywhere. The bathroom, the dog, and his parents were quite soaked.

He's such a good boy. We have lots of fun together.

This shirt is too cute. It was a hand-me-down from Lando from the summer. Both boys do love their Mommies!

Carter loves to crawl around on the gym floor after Butte High games. He thinks he's pretty cool. Maybe someday he'll be playing basketball there!

Abbey hung out with us that night and helped to keep him entertained. He was looking pretty good. We got him this "Legend" sweatshirt for Christmas. He also had some Jordans on - he's not quite sure what to do with shoes yet!

We went to Perkins afterwards and Carter really enjoyed some water from Grandpa. Straws are quite fascinating to him.

Here's my little man getting ready to do the stairs in our front room. They are just the right size for him to climb on.
This was from the night before. Stairs are definitely his new favorite thing. He concentrates really hard.
This is my little series. Here's the first stair...
And here's the second! I love when he straightens out his legs. His butt usually swings around until he catches his balance. He did make it to the top and (of course) immediately wanted back down.

Here's some random photos. The other night, as he was getting his second tooth (which is through), the only thing that made him happy was Jordan's dance costume. It had some shiny sequins and big beautiful wings to enthrall him!

Here's Carter and his Uncle Kyle hanging out. They've been playing together a lot lately. Carter is "fun" now!

This is a nice tongue picture. Carter loves this old cell phone of Uncle Kyle's. He thinks it's just for him. He was laughing at Laney playing fetch too.

This was at Sunday morning brunch. Dad decided Carter looked like a Puritan with a coffee filter on his head. Grandpa has a vivid imagination!

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