Monday, February 11, 2008

A Quarantine Week

Carter spent most of the week just staying away from Grandma - she got diagnosed with Influenza Type B on Monday. We had some fun just chilling at home though.

We spent pretty much the entire weekend at West Elementary - the volleyball program was running the 6th grade boys basketball tournament up there. Carter was so good; he'll be a gym rat for sure. He had some juice. I had to show off his shoes though. Dani got him these awesome Jordans when he was just a newborn.
Dad and Mr. Ries took everyone to dinner afterwards. Mr. Ries (who will be a Grandpa in May) helped Carter get some cheese off the nacho plate! Carter was very appreciative!
Carter knows that he has some delicious crackers in his Cheerios container. He just can't figure out how to get them yet. I like the silly face he's making.

Here's a nice picture of Carter and his "blue guy". I know it's an elephant, but that's what we call him. He loves to cuddle with it (and slobber all over it)!

I'm not usually a camo fan, but I know Erica loved to put Landon in this outfit. I wanted to show her that Carter looks fantastic in it too!

Here's a cute picture of Carter and his Daddy all nice and comfortable on the couch. Carter gets pretty cuddly when he's tired.
He didn't take his "after daycare nap" on Monday, so he was absolutely exhausted in the high chair at dinner time. We ended up letting him sleep for a couple hours and feeding him at about 11pm. Poor guy!
This is the starfish picture. He fell asleep in the car after the Butte High game. I put him in his pajamas at home, and he didn't move a bit!

He's kind of enthralled by windows lately. He likes someone to be looking at him from the otherside; then he smashes his face up against it and laughs. Lovely nose, huh?
Here's Carter and his buddy Katie. He loves to just stare and stare at her. They were bouncing on the ball together. I love the striped pants too.
Carter discovered one of our many DVD stacks. I wanted to see what movie he picked out first. He went for Boogie Nights - I'm hoping it was the eye-catching orange cover and not the subject material!

I was sitting on the couch while Carter looked at his books the other day. He kept coming up and peeking at me. He's so silly.

Carter took a nice bath last Sunday in Grandma and Granpa's sink. We figured it would make for some cute pictures. He's starting to enjoy sucking on the washcloth a lot.
We added a bit more warm water which he thought was pretty cool. I remember Abbey used to play forever with the water when she was in the tub.
We brushed his hair before we washed it because his scalp was a little dry. He liked Grandma's brush a lot. He looked pretty cool too!
He looks lovely in his hooded towels. He really is a good little man. We got tons of compliments on him at West this weekend. Everyone said he's a happy little trooper. Let's hope it lasts (fingers crossed)!

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