Monday, March 17, 2008


Hello everyone. I'm beyond frustrated at the computer. Big Kyle is working on it, but it's annoying. Anyway, here are eight pictures. It let me put up four on Tuesday and four on Wednesday (before it froze up). They'll be more to come...I just don't know when. Hope everyone had a lovely St. Patrick's Day!

This was at the Four Seasons in Great Falls while we were watching basketball. It was so warm in there that Mom bought some "Dippin' Dots" for Carter. He thought they were absolutely delicious! He was very good there, especially since he had a sinus infection.
We tried to go in the pool at the hotel, but it was freezing. We did hang out in the hot tub though. I'm glad he got to show off his buff body!
There was no purple in the city of Great Falls. We went to Universal to have this shirt made for the championship. It was a youth small, so we cut more than half off the bottom and the sleeves. It ended up being pretty cute.
He'll walk by himself, but walking with two people is so much funner. He thought he was pretty cool. He was very nice to the girls after they took 2nd. They played great all year. He gave the two seniors (Joey and Brianne) some high fives.

He loves this ball. He crawls after it, sits up and rolls it, and then beats on it with his hands. It's funny. I think that "baa" is his first word. He definitely knows what it means!
Dad had some jello with whipped cream last week. When he was done, Carter got to make a mess. I like how he put his truck in the bowl and then dug around it with the spoon.
He's starting to love the camera. He wants to me to take pictures and then immediately show him what they look like. Then he laughs and yells. He's goofy.
This is just a picture of his crazy hair and a little crunchie. He goes nuts for those things. I think he could eat about 20 per meal if I let him. He's not been a big fan of baby food lately. His teeth are really bugging him though - I wish they would just come in!

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