Monday, March 24, 2008

St. Patricks and more!

Carter loves when Grandma puts up sticky decorations on the windows. He always wants you to pick him up out there so he can peel them off. Uncle Kyle put a shamrock on his head, and Carter had no idea it was there until it fell off when he was eating!
Here is a very messy little boy before his bath. Grandpa (who always gives him treats) let him have the spoon and empty pudding bowl. There was still plenty to get on his hands and then rub on his face.
Here's two tired guys. Kyle and Carter took a fantastic two hour nap on Saturday. Graveyard shift was tough this week - Kyle had to work a 12 hour shift on St. Patrick's Day.
Carter is a big fan of wearing no pants. As soon as his diaper is off, he's off. He looks really cute here with his plaid shirt from his Alaska pals, shoes, socks, and my cell phone.
Mom had a wonderful 50th birthday this year. Her pals from Helena came over, and of course, Aunt Terri and I were there. Doesn't her tiara look lovely?
Mom met these nice people from Ireland when we were at the Dublin (formerly Shooters). There were from Tipperary and had the coolest accents. They said they were having a "brilliant" time.
Here's Carter's lovely St. Patrick's Day shirt. I thought he looked pretty cute in it. He's carrying around some shamrock garland too. So festive!

Carter is becoming quite the stacker. He did the side closest to him obviously. It's pretty funny to watch because he really concentrates.
I know that I'm not looking and that the tops of our heads are cut off, but I still like this picture. There is something about his expression that I think is so cute.
I love how he crosses his feet all the time. He does it when he reads books, sleeps, plays, and hangs out. I don't want any comments about the Duke sweatshirt in the background. I know they choked - I was very disappointed. I'll still love them though.
Mom kept trying to get a picture of him in the sink, and he would not look at her. This one was totally by accident. He's doing a little shrug, and his ears look really funny. It's just a funny look!

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