Monday, March 3, 2008

Officer Daddy

Kyle started his new job on Friday. It's going well. Graveyard shift has a lot of DUIs so far. Luckily, Kyle has never had trouble sleeping during the day and taking naps!

Carter really likes his Dad's uniform. He was having a good time with the cord for the radio. Kyle looks very professional.
Kelsie, this is the best I could do for a cop pose. I'm glad he's using his finger gun and not his real gun - it kind of freaks me out. We bought a gun safe, so that's good.
Grandma Patsy, Aunt Terri, Abb, and Jord were in Spokane this weekend for the girls' dance competion (where they did fantastic - 93% diamond awards). They made Carter this toy at the "Build a Bear" place. Carter loves ducks; this one has a cute police uniform. They're clever!
Here's one of Carter's favorite things to do now - crawl over to me and try to climb up my legs. I like his little face; he was saying "Mom mom mom mom". I'm not quite sure if he gets that I'm "mom", but I love when he says it!
Here's a fantastic picture of his bottom teeth. We took a couple pictures together, but I accidentally cut off my face. I'm okay with that. These pajamas made him look so tall and skinny.
Imagine this - Grandpa giving Carter a treat! It was peach jello this time. The consistency kind of made him wary, but he enjoyed it. He's really trying to feed himself lately with a big boy spoon. It's pretty funny to watch.
I had to show this cute outfit that Kevin and Marisa got him for Christmas. He looked so cute and grownup in that little plaid shirt. It made his eyes look very blue!

I love these pajamas. They are so light and soft. Plus, he looks handsome in them. He was having a good time smiling at Uncle Kyle that night.
Erica, Kelsie, and Terri gave Carter this cute onesie for Christmas. It makes me laugh. It's quite appropriate right now too. He's teething like crazy!
Grandma got Carter this "Look and Find" Baby Einstein book. We thought it would be a little too old for him right now, but he loves it. He likes how big it is and how much stuff is on every page. We've read it every day since he got it!
Here my big walking guy. He's not really close to taking off yet, but he'll walk in between two people (like Terri and Jordan, in this case). He's always pointing too. I think that's so cute.
He stole Aunt Terri's blondie the other day and went to town on it. Great-Grandma Vivian makes a delicious blondie! I'm glad he still eats baby food, but he likes a nice snack.
This is one of his new things. He sits on his knees and bounces and waves to people. I'm not sure what this face was either; he's pretty much a little goofball.
Here he is balancing and clapping for himself. He claps when he falls on his butt too!

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