Thursday, September 18, 2008

New stuff

Here's the silly Lando man showing me where his teeth are. He's a smart guy.

Here's the Carterman showing me where his teeth are. He's also a smart fellow.
This was down at C Street Park last Sunday. It was a beautiful day - in fact, it's been a beautiful week. He was marching around like he was on a mission.
This is Carter and my jungle dog, Laney. You can barely see her tail in there. They were having a good time tromping through the tall grass. We were picking some to feed the horses down the street.
Erica took this picture at about four in the morning last week. Landon wanted to stay up all night (and get his picture taken). He looks pretty happy about it.
Carter has become obsessed with this pink intertube. He puts it over his head - lets it fall down - and then shuffles all over the yard with it. He's very silly.
He's making a strange little face right here. The intertube is now inside the house and has gone up the stairs with Carter and also in the crib while the boys are jumping.
Carter got to wear his cool onesie from Kelsie to practice the other day. All the girls thought it was quite funny. He was, of course, charming also.
The boys really like to help "Mana" with dishes. They actually just like to rub bubbles on eachother and watch them dissolve.
This is quite the demented look. He was going up and down the stairs one night and laughing so hard about it. He's got blue popsicle all over his chin too.
He likes to try and slide down on his butt. He was going a little too fast in his pajamas so it's a good thing Grandpa had a hold on him.
Kelsie got Carter and Landon the cutest T-shirts. They were a big hit at daycare last week. Kyle wasn't pleased, but I told him if he got Carter a McCain shirt, he can wear that too. We try not to talk politics around eachother!
Landon looked very handsome in his also. He wore it to the volleyball game this week and got lots of compliments. Thanks Kelsie!
Carter was having a fantastic time bouncing on "Poppa" after his bath the other night. It looks like he was telling him a really interesting story too.
Here's both boys on Poppa after the bath. They like to climb all over him. I love Landon's hair in this picture!

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