Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing boys

The boys have to go outside, no matter what the weather. We at least got them to wear their hoods out in the rain. Erica and I said they looked like little gnomes. We used to love the cartoon "David the Gnome".

Carter loves to push stuff around. He pushed the lawn mower for awhile and then the police car. He thought he was very fast and absolutely hilarious.
We went to Fairmont on Sunday just for something to do. The boys were very good, and Abb and Jord were helpful as always. This is Carter during a fruitsnack break. I like this little face he's making.
Landon wouldn't smile at the table, but we did get this picture of his sweet hair.
I surprised Carter when he was opening and closing lockers - that's why he looks totally crazy. This face doesn't even look like him!
Just another playing outside picture. Landon made a basket - usually he puts the basket on his head!
Carter couldn't find a ball, so he decided to shoot the van in there instead. See how wet his pants are - he didn't care.
They were having a good time peeking through this ladder at eachother. They love to run up close and just laugh.
Carter stole Abbey's bowl of Ramen and chowed down on it. He was quite hungry this weekend - maybe if we're lucky, he'll put some weight on! We're running low on pants for him. He's too tall for the ones that fit his belly!
Landon has been obsessed with laundry lately. Everything he finds goes on his head. He had a little trouble figuring out this shirt!
Lando got a nice ride from Big Ky - as he calls him. He tripped by Kyle the other day, looked at him, and said "Uh Oh Big Ky"!
The boys got spoiled after the bath the other day. Grandpa was giving airplane rides! Carter has lovely form here.
This picture kills me (that huge smile!) - the towel seems to be hiking up a little bit too. Erica got some funny ones too. My camera was being too slow.
Even more fun - having a horsey ride after the airplane! He did not want to hold on as you can see.
Crazy Landon was definitely liking his orange popsicle! Orange is the one color the boys don't say very well - it's a tough one.
Carter was telling someone "No". That's his new thing. He's not mean about. If you ask if he wants to take a bath, he'll say "No" in his nice little voice. It's so helpful.
Carter got to wear his cool LSU shirt the other day. His Daddy thought he looked really good!
This picture is not very good, but they were being so funny. Landon was dragging Erica somewhere when Carter grabbed Landon's hand. Then the two boys just walked around holding hands for awhile. Carter was just making Landon walk back and forth between rooms. Lando kept looking at us like, "What is he doing?".

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