Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally - new stuff

Sorry these took so long. I just hardly had any pictures for last week...so this is a big one. We made sugar cookies the other night because Landon loves rolling dough. Big Kyle worked hard - he made some delicious buttercream frosting. Here he is relaxing afterwards. Nothing goes with sugar cookies like Mexican beer!

Carter could have cared less about the cookies. He was running around naked playing with the big exercise ball. He did enjoy one of the finished products however.

We could only find two Christmas cookie cutters (a sleigh and a stocking), so we have a lovely variety...shamrocks, Porky Pig, dinosaurs, cats, pumpkins. It was so very "Burgman". We're a bit odd.
I made Carter this beautiful Nemo cookie. Carter had an attention span of 10 minutes about two weeks ago. Now, all of a sudden, he's obsessed with Finding Nemo. He tells me all the time about Gill's "owies", Bruce-shark-bite, Nemo-up, Dory swim down...it is absolutely hilarious. He really pays attention!
Landon really enjoyed Kyle's frosting. He used a spoon to scrape it off the cookies! He danced with Abbey and Jordan after this for about a half an hour. Erica was hoping that would help with the sugar high!
He was very good about helping to roll out the dough. He got just a little bit of flour on his hands and face. What can you do?
My friend Ritter (Melissa) came over on Saturday to exchange Christmas presents. She brought her new little man, Mason. He was born Dec. 8th. He was quite a content little guy. He didn't wake up the whole time. He was wearing his cute little bear suit that Aunt Terri got for him. So cute!
This was Carter's present from Madisyn. It has been a big hit so far. Carter and Landon have fought over it every day!
Landon really wanted to help Madisyn open her gift. Christmas is going to be quite amusing this year! Madisyn is such a cutie - look at that bright blond hair. She reminds me of when Jordo was little.
This is a picture of Mason from the hospital. I forgot to put it up last time. He slept the whole time I was there visiting. He had just had his circumcision though, so he was a bit traumatized! Ritter said he is such a good baby.
We made pastys on Saturday - actually Mom did most of them. It was a hectic day. On Friday, we got everything ready. Carter's job (which he loved) was to take the potatoes from Terri and put them in the big pot of water. He kept looking at her and saying "Tato?". He had to bring his Cars chair in to sit next to the pot - he's also wearing his boots...just in case a snowstorm hits the kitchen!
Grandma and Dad went shopping the other day. She got to relax and have some coffee while Dad sorted out the groceries. Laney cuddled up with her. It's so funny how much Laney loves Grandma Vivian. Grandma always pets her behind the ears, and she's so happy. This is just a cute picture.
We opened our presents from Carl and Jenny on Saturday (Thanks so much - you guys are wonderful!). Minnie (their weiner dog) sent Carter and Landon each a cute shirt. Landon's had a cool blue elephant.
Carter was really concentrating on unwrapping his present. His was a cute yellow shirt with a monkey on it. That's appropriate for my little monkey! Thanks again Carl, Jenny, and Minnie!
This is just a random picture of my little piggy! He just attacks whatever food Grandpa has - in this case, it was fried chicken. I'm not sure where all that food goes. His Christmas pajamas from Terri are so cute.
Erica was being creative one day and decided to bake some homemade ornaments for the boys to paint. It was quite messy and funny! This is my favorite picture. Carter decided to put the ornament in the plate of paint and stab it with some paintbrushes. He's also concentrating very hard - you can tell by the tongue.

We painted ornaments for about two minutes before Carter and Landon realized it was much funner to paint themselves. Neither one of them would smile for the camera either...just too much going on I guess.

Landon is examining his "handy" work. Oh my God, my Dad would be so proud!
This is just a big face picture, as I like to call them. He's so cute.
I love this picture. It's not quite a cheesy smile...I'm not sure what it is. I just think it's cute and funny!
Carter was wearing his cool hat the other day and saying "Hey" to people. He looks so insane. That face just kills me. What a goofball.
Here's another insane face. He really likes this fire truck that Landon got from Santa at the daycare Christmas party.
Last but not least, I wanted to say thanks to all of our Sunburst family. Grandma and Grandpa Barsness delivered a ton of presents on Sunday. Carter opened four of them and loved them all. He played with his blocks from Grandma and Grandpa. He really likes his bike from Grandma Bonnie. He keeps calling it a horse though - he made me put it in the bathroom so he could ride it while I took a shower! He tried to put his Thomas the Train to bed last night (thanks Phil and Mary Jo!). Lastly, he loves his game from Nate. He looks like a super genius with those tiles - the blue horseys always have to go on first. Thanks again. I wish I had some pictures. I'll definitely remember the camera when he opens the rest!

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