Monday, December 8, 2008

Very random pictures

We really didn't do a whole lot this week. We didn't take many pictures consequently. Here are some from last night though. We set up the tons of Christmas stuff at my parents house, and the boys were in heaven. They are very into Christmas this year - Santa, Rudolph, trees, snowmen, and especially lights are all very exciting! Carter found a horse ornament on the tree that I cannot get him to not touch.

The boys had some tasty sorbet after they got their pajamas on. It's kind of nice because they have to work to get it out of the container. It's so frozen that they can't really make a huge mess! They look awfully cute.
Guess what? They were saying cheese here! They are very good little hams for the camera.
We unwrapped all the ornaments and made quite a nice pile of paper towels. Laney thought we were making a little bed for her. She's a good dog.
Carterman is so big and strong. Look at that barrel chest and those guns! He was giving his Blue Guy a ride around the house in the Lego wagon.
After all that work, he felt that he deserved a ride. Sometimes I look at these pictures and can't believe how much he looks like his Daddy (which is a good thing)!
We took a nice little horsey ride around the house the other day. He doesn't seem to care that I have a big old belly hanging down!
Kyle and I went to Missoula to do a little shopping, and we couldn't say no to these pajamas for little Kyle. They were an XL in the boys section, and they have awesome running robots on them. He wanted me to get him footie pajamas last year (I think he was joking), and these were a whopping $12. The amusement was well worth it.
Kyle can barely sit down in them. I think they can never be dried, or he'll rip them. I still think it was worth it just for these pictures though. Crazy Uncle Kyle is always good for a laugh.
This reminds me of the Dr. Suess story "Hop on Pop", but this is "Hop on Poppa". The boys always have a great time jumping and crawling all over Grandpa. Uncle Kyle is helping of course.
Carter has discovered that his gloves are pretty cool. They are kind of big on his hands, but he'll wear them (sometimes). His hat really doesn't match at all, but I don't care. It looks so cute on him.
He has the cheesiest grin ever! This one is especially good. The eyes closed always adds something!
Carter really enjoys brushing his teeth with his Cookie Monster toothbrush. He doesn't really like Lando's toothpaste though. I'll have to bring some over. I love this face though.

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