Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas - BIG, GIANT POST

Here's my little frosting face. He would not look at me while he was eating cake. The boys were quite funny on my birthday. They both kept telling me, "Happy Day, Mia"!

Laners had a lovely Christmas. She got lots of attention. She took a bath yesterday and cuddled with her buddy Dale afterwards.
Carter and Laney relaxed on the couch together yesterday. He looks pretty cool in his Nike jersey.
We tried to go outside for awhile yesterday, but the wind was pretty chilly. The boys don't like their mittens either. You can see Carter's little red fingers here.
He really, really likes his "shobel" that Poppa got for him. He loves tromping through the snow in his boots too.
Lando didn't really like walking through the snow. He had a good time throwing snow at me while I tried to take a picture of him though. Erica put these big black gloves on him; it was pretty funny.
This is just a cute picture. Carterman and Abbey chilling in a laundry basket. Carter looked really cute in this big red sweatshirt we got him for Christmas - it says "Captain" and the number 33 which Kyle loved.
I love this picture. His face is so cute. Aunt Terri brought the boys some reindeer antlers. Carter wouldn't wear them, but Landon thought they were fantastic.
Kyle and I got the boys some bath crayons. They were obviously a huge hit. They drew on their bellies after the walls were covered!
Carter wore this gorgeous Rudolph shirt on Christmas day. He thought it was really cool that Rudolph's nose lit up. He kept showing everyone where Bumble was too.
My pictures are all backwards. Here are the ones from Grandma and Grandpa's house on Christmas morning. Carter was getting ready to rip open some wrapping paper.
Abb and Jord came over to open their presents. Kyle and I got them Hollister sweatshirts in Missoula which they were quite happy about.
Laners got this lovely Santa ring from Erica and Landon. It fit over her head nicely.
Landon had to stop opening presents for a minute so he could look at his new Spongebob book. He knows all the characters - he especially likes Sandy.
This Cars tent has been quite the source of entertainment. The boys love peeking at eachother through it. Landon got that cool drum set too.
Carter got a ton of John Deere vehicles from Santa. It also came with farm animals that are so cute. You can even take the wool off the sheep!
Here's a silly Landon face while he crawls through the tent!
Santa also brought a huge set of Black and Decker tools to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Carter thought they were really cool, especially the hammer. He likes to say "Bang, Bang".
This is Carter on Christmas morning at our house. The little turkey was up by seven. We read his new book together. It asked if he could bend his neck like a giraffe - that's what he's doing here.
Man, I look good here. Anyway...this is a Nemo magnetic tin. It has pretty much every character from the movie in it except the Dentist and Darla. Carter was amazed. He kept saying Nemo/Dory/Bruce/Gill/Peach over and over again!
Santa also brought him this camera that is so cute. It has pictures that change on the back, it flashes, and says things like "Say Cheese!" and "Smile".
After he examined all his stuff from Santa, he sat with me on the couch and fell asleep in about two minutes. He slept that way for an hour and a half before we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
This was Christmas Eve after everyone left. Carter decided to jump on his Daddy. Little Kyle calls his pose in the background "The Thinker". He's not quite right but close.
He was awfully cute on Christmas Eve. He took a big nap right before everyone showed up so that worked out well.
Here's Jordan and her buddy Lando. That was the face he made when I asked him to smile!
This is a pretty cute picture except for my gummy smile and big belly. Oh well. You can see our snowman necklaces that Jordan had everyone wear.
Me and my pal Erica. We can't wait until Kelsie gets here!
This is a cute picture of Abbey and Nicole. Everyone kept saying how grown-up Abb looked.
Dad got this beautiful hat from Mom. It's definitely very "him".
This is by no means a great picture, but I thought I should show the company. Austin was having a good time crawling all over Frank!
Little Kyle is so wonderful for pictures. He always gives such great smiles.
We decided to attempt to get a picture of the "cousins" that were all there. From L-R is Kyle, Abbey, Carter, me, Jamie, Jordan, Connor, Nicole, Austin, Little Kyle, Erica, and Landon. It turned out pretty good!
Connor was very excited about his present from all of us - The three Ninja Turtles movies. The kid has good taste!
Nicole, Connor, and Austin gave Carter this cool Elmo bath toy. It's really cute. His dirty spots come off in the water, and you can brush him. Thanks guys!
Here's Austin tearing into some books that all of us got for him. Nicole told us he is very into books right now.
Connor tried to help Landon open his present. I don't know how long that arrangement lasted!
Landon was being tickled obviously. He's such a little goofball.
They were eating mass quantities of shrimp dip and chips before everyone arrived on Christmas Eve. Carter especially loves anything with dip. These are some great faces!
Last one...whew! The boys love to crawl under the kitchen table. Who knows why? Carter was eating pizza and was quite happy. Landoman drew on his face with a purple marker. They boys are banned from crayons, markers, and pens for awhile. They've been breaking the "only on paper" rule. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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