Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day/President's Day week. We kept it pretty low key around here. Last night Carter and I ran over to Erica's house to put the pictures up on her computer since Mom and Dad's is acting up. Carter had a great time. He loves to play with Landon's train set.
Avers really likes this tutu that came with a pair of her pajamas. I think she loves it because she can take it off and on herself. She had it on her head for awhile - she looked like a flower!
Mom and I took Ave and Laney for a walk this weekend on the trail. Avery enjoyed it a lot. She kept pointing at cars, ducks, Laney, trees...anything really.
They all had a great time with Poppa Sunday night. He brought them some M&Ms to share (see the chocolate faces) and later bounced them on his legs. What fun!
Sometimes on Kyle's dinner break, Carter will hang out in the cop car with him. He thinks he driving to go catch some bad guys. Daddy even lets him turn on the lights and sirens on occasion!
Carter can pretty much fold his skinny little self in half. He fits nicely in this laundry basket. Landon was going to "save" him though.
Carter loves wrestling his sister. Luckily he's pretty gentle about it. We usually don't have to interfere because Avery loves it too...unless Carter sits on her.
I tried to get a picture of them all in red on Friday. They had a little Valentine's party at daycare. Carter didn't feel like sitting up though, and Avery was laughing at Landon saying "cheese". Still cute!
She was walking around in her dress and red shoes shaking her head back and forth. She looks a little crazy here, which she is!
Happy Valentine's Day! Avery got these glasses in her treat bag from daycare, and she loves them! Abbey got this awesome picture of her six front teeth, silly smile, and granola bar face.
Landoman came over to our house last Wednesday. We had a good time. He decided he needed to take a bath which was fine by me. The boys always have fun with bubbles.
Carter was asleep when Lando first got there so Landon had to play with Avery. It actually went fairly well! Here they are in the barn tent together.
This is Avery in her hiding spot. She loves to go behind the edge of the TV. She's sure no one can see her. She'll come running out laughing and then point to where she was. She thinks we are all not very bright!
This girl could brush her teeth 24 hours a day. She loves her toothbrush. She also likes to brush her hair, so she was one happy baby with both her brushes.
She was bringing some pillows to Uncle Kyle so he could throw them at the boys. She's super strong and so helpful!
She looked so cute in this cat shirt from Aunt Diane. We got many compliments. The girls at the daycare said they haven't seen her wear the same outfit since Christmas! She's very fashionable...and a bit spoiled!

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