Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally some new ones

I think most of you know already, but I lost my new camera at the Civic Center. I was not happy that no one turned it in, but I suppose it's my own fault. So that's why we are a week behind on the blog. Luckily, my old camera still works fine. It's just scratched up - no big deal. Here's my Avers with Poppa making a silly face while everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" to Erica.
The boys wanted to be "naked boys" before pajama time, and Carter can't stay away from cake. He almost attacked Terri when she brought it in. He always is sitting right next to whoever's birthday it is too! Erica had to do some creative covering with her arm so I could take some pictures!
This is him singing to her. He loves to sing "Happy Birthday to you Auntie Erica". It was Auntie Erica's 26th birthday. Since it was Superbowl Sunday, we'll have her dinner later this week.
We took the kids up to the gym and let them run and run and run before the Superbowl. It worked pretty well. They were all sitting on their buddy Jordan while we watched in the front room. Avery fell asleep sitting next to her a couple minutes later.
Abb and Jord babysat for us the night before so we could go to dinner for Erica's birthday. It was fun. We ate at Christina's (delicious!) and had a couple drinks at the Vu.
Just a sisters picture. We have about a million of these!
Leena was the one whose idea it was to go to dinner. It was a great idea! Happy birthday to Erica!
We did our usual Saturday swimming at the Y. Lando was a swimming fool. He had a noodle that he hung on to and swam all over the pool by himself. He was kicking like a maniac. Pretty impressive!
My girl was scaring the crap out of me. She decided she could walk by herself all over. She was touching the fountains and trying to climb up the slide. She thinks she's so big!
Carter was running so fast through the fountains that he would have to stop himself on the frog slide. He's such a crazy little guy.
There she is in all her glory. She loves that swimsuit. I'll be sad when we have to get a new one. That day is coming up shortly I think. She's getting taller every day.
Kind of a blurry action shot, but you can tell he's having a good time!
I found a little coat that fits her pretty well. I'm sure my mom got it for her. My mom can't resist a cute coat. She looks like a little bear, which makes sense since we call her Boo Boo bear all the time! Carter knows who Boo Boo is now. He's become a big fan of Boomerang network, which shows classic cartoons. He loves Johnny Quest, Jabber Jaws, The Flinstones, Tom and Jerry, and Yogi Bear now!
Avery discovered the joy of ramen noodles. She sat right next to Jordan and just begged for more! Everyone loved her shirt that she got for Christmas in Sunburst too. The daycare ladies couldn't stop laughing at it.
She tries to climb in the tub everynight. She loves these Thomas trains and especially her ducks. There are five ducks. She lines them up and makes them hop over eachother. She also drops them in the water so she can say "uh oh UH OH". She's a goof.
When my kids have powdered donuts they don't even know I'm there. Aren't these just lovely faces?
I told Carter he could have one more if he was nice and shared with his sister, so he gave her a kiss. He's a pretty good big brother. I said let's go to the kitchen, and he said "Follow me baby" to Ave!
Avery really loves her Uncle Kyle. She's always climbing all over him and peeking at him. She just went and plopped herself on his lap the other night.
I always play patty-cake with Avery's feet so she can do it with her hands. She really enjoys saying "Yay!" and clapping for herself.
My kids really like eachother's toys. I'm sure that's how it always is! Carter and Avery (check out her crazy hair) were having so much fun crashing into eachother. Carter on the princess toy and Ave on the Tonka truck of course!
Speaking of crazy hair, here's Carter after his nap. He was still only half awake I think. Laney was giving him kisses all over his face. He thought that was a nice way to wake up!
Here's Mr. Lando looking quite grown-up and handsome after his haircut. His haircut was very traumatic, but he liked the way it looked when we were done. He kept saying the next couple days, "Brinna, you gave me a haircut." Carter likes to touch his hair too.
And last but not least, before the haircut. It really is quite a dramatic change. He looks good either way!

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